Why Can’t We Accept That Women Can Enjoy Casual Sex Too?


I’ve read several articles lately that have left me feeling more than worried for the men and women of my generation and younger. The articles in question are all about the scientific evidence that support the claim women cannot have casual sex. They say women unlike their male counterparts cannot engage in casual sex with out needing more whether it is cuddling after, a phone call the next day, a second date, etc. I say that couldn’t be further from the truth. I know there will be some women and men reading this and thinking well of course that isn’t true but unfortunately we are in the minority.

History has pitted men and women against each other when it comes to sex regularly. They say men will be men; it’s in their biological makeup to want to be with as many women as possible! And women will be our sweet innocent virgins until their not then they will quickly lose their value the more men they sleep with. Or they are supposed to achieve the unrealistic balance of nun like morals in public and Sasha Grey freakiness in the bedroom.

Why can’t both men and women enjoy each side of the spectrum without fear? Why can’t both sexes have that wonderful I’m in love with you I want to be with you forever sex and the I don’t care if you ever call me again headboard banging sex? I know both men and women who participate in each type of sex and these people are almost always the least judgmental and open minded when it comes to sex.

I realize I’m being too broad and generalizing people just like the articles I detest do but I’m damn tired. I’m tired of reading articles that are basically keeping women in the past while subtly shaming them and as well both my male and female friends coming up to me and expressing concerns about their desires because they don’t match up to the ones society has placed in front of them. Or they were raised never discussing the subject of sex and when they did discuss it was in hushed tones that dripped of something unnatural.

What I’m trying to say is if you and the person you would like to have sex with are both consenting adults in the privacy in one or the others home then bang each other for fucks sake. Society pressures and social norms have no place in the bedroom or shower or kitchen or staircase…you get the picture.