Why Childhood Sweethearts Are The Best Kind Of Long-Lasting Relationship


Do you still remember your childhood sweetheart? Can you recall how you felt the first time you saw that person? They say there is something magical about the first time you admire someone, even you were innocent, curious, and young.

I can still imagine how nervous I was whenever I see my childhood crush. I was able to catch him staring at me and it always melts my heart. I knew it was nothing back then. We were too young and we have a long way to go.

Any relationship in the early stages comes with butterfly and fairytale moments. Just as when the time goes by, you would feel all the emotions love can make you feel. It is like a trial and error, where you meet different people in your life that would inspire you, challenge you, and break you.

You and your childhood sweetheart might go separate ways as you grow older, but you both know somewhere in your hearts, you have that special place for one another that no one could ever replace.

After several years, both of you might have dated someone and established various relationships with other people. You guys are probably living the life of matured individuals, building your career and achieving your dreams. You have experienced sadness, frustrations, and pain from the past and yet, you’re still hoping for the best and you both know that it will happen anytime soon.

You know that eventually, you will meet your special someone — the right one for you. What if that person is someone from your past? Particularly, your childhood eye candy. Do you think it’s impossible? Nope. It’s actually possible, because love makes all the impossible, possible.

He or she could have been the first person you were physically attracted to. Now that you are both grown-ups, you have all the time you need to know each other deeper. Plus, he or she once made your heart flutter and there’s a higher chance that you might feel the same again.

And because both of you went separate ways, certainly, you missed the presence of each other after a long time. The curiosity between the two of you will add spice to your “getting-to-know-more stage”.

It will always excite you to see each other and talk for long hours over a cup of coffee. Catching up about life, sharing thoughts, and reminiscing the past. You know for a second, that what you have is something special.

You would know that the feeling is familiar. Nostalgia kicks in. It makes you feel home — the communication, the warmth, and the comfort. Your ideas about love based on your own experiences can be a good foundation for you to start for something new, something to look forward, and something real and for good.

Just like the old times that you have no idea on how you will hide your red cheeks when your childhood sweetheart smiled at you. This moment can happen again, and even you’re a bit older now, it would still be a challenge to conceal what you feel. This time, you know that it’s more than the physical attraction. Besides, why bother to hide it?

You might be questioning yourself why did it take so long for you to find your special someone? Why did you have to deal with people that only caused you heartbreaks? Honey, keep in mind that these are part of the journey. God made you through it, because He knows what you will become after the storm. He knows what best for you. He always does.

Give love a chance. Enjoy the moment. Learn from each other’s experiences and let that love inspires you. Who knows? Maybe you already met the right one for you, and surprisingly, it’s your childhood sweetheart.