Why Do We Always Meet The Right Person At The Wrong Time?


“Why is it that the right person appears at the wrong time?” a random person asked. A harmless question that generated a million thoughts in my head and mixed emotions in my chest—a never ending battle between the mind and the heart.

Why, you asked?

A test of time, maybe? Or maybe this is just to see at what level of struggle you are willing to go through just for you to hold on to that person.

So many what ifs and maybes, but no one knows for certain the answer to this dilemma. But one thing is for sure: this is the universe’s way of telling you that there is someone out there who is right for you—someone made only for you.

It feels so wrong yet so right—this sort of predicament wherein you find yourself in a situation that you want to be with this person but the circumstances says otherwise.

When did love become forbidden? When did it feel “wrong” in the first place?

You thought to yourself, “The universe is just playing tricks on us.” Negating everything as much as possible just to convince yourself not to force something that seems far-fetched. Rationalizing every single image that your heart is slowly creating for the possibility of a blossoming romance that should not happen—or as your brain is dictating that should happen.

There is this little ache in your chest that you feel whenever you hold your gaze with this person, knowing that you can only love them from afar because there is something holding you back.

“If only we met a little earlier,” you thought.

You continue your little daydream in a place where everything seemed perfect and right—the kind of trance that you want to stay hypnotized in. Maybe this is why sad people want to sleep all the time because their dreams are better than reality.

Just think about it…

You meet someone and you think they are amazing—you have a lot of similar interests, your conversations are never dull, and you always find yourself smiling whenever you talk to them. It feels like you’ve known them for years even though you just met. You can’t stop thinking about how stupendous they are and how they feel so right. This person makes you feel alive—a feeling that you thought was long gone.

But the thing is, you are both stuck in a situation that puts the both of you in a difficult position that can make you say you met at the wrong time. Maybe it has something to do with a past relationship wherein you still have unfinished business to deal with. Or maybe a traumatizing experience that made you scared to love again. No matter what it is, something is holding you back—holding you back from loving this person with all your heart.

It is both bliss and pain knowing that you met this incredible person but the odds are not in your favor.

Love and tragedy; a poet’s masterpiece and a character’s demise. The greatest comedy the universe has ever plotted but guaranteed that every comedy ends with a happy ending. All you need to do is to continue writing your story.

But in reality, there is no such thing as the “right time” because there is simply no right time nor the contrast of it. At any time in our lives, we are never ready because we are not perfect—as humans, the concept of “perfection” is just a social construct that sets a particular standard for your own comfort. One cannot simply be free from any form of flaw because that would unrealistic.

The ideal “right time” for most people is when you’ve achieved so much in your life that the last thing you need is a lover. There is this speck of perfection that you want to attain before finding “the one.”

People often confuse that perfection in time in a way they think that that moment is the right time if they have everything in life except finding true love. Most people would say “I have accomplished so much in my life as of the moment, I guess it’s time for me to find someone to love.” If that is the case, then it will take you forever to get your shit together then finding your one true love.

This is why when “the one” arrives, it is always at the wrong time because there is no right time.

That wrong time that can make your life more meaningful. A paradox that you are willing to be confused in.

In other words, the right person will make that “wrong timing” irrelevant. No matter what the circumstances are, if you feel that this is the person you’ve been searching for your whole life, are you really willing to risk losing this person now?

We only have one life to live and no matter how messed up this world gets, it is much more tolerable if you have someone to lean on and to love for the rest of your life.

“Why is it that the right person appears at the wrong time?”

The fact that you already knew that he or she is the right person is enough to answer this one. The right person makes that wrong timing irrelevant.

No more “what ifs.”

No more “maybes.”

Just the right person.