Why Even Though You Want A Bad Boy, You Should Go For The Good Guy Instead


I think I always imagined that my first love would be some tall dark and handsome guy that is just the right amount of sweet and bad all at the same time.

The moment I lock eyes with this sexy piece of dark chocolate goodness, I know I want him and what I want, I’ll most certainly get.

But let me tell you why as women we are infatuated with the bad boy.

We are infatuated with the idea that someone is able to bring out the right amount of excitement in us and is never a bore.

We never have to worry about this guy ever failing to keep us on our toes and if we are more on the introverted side, the bad boy will show us what we have been missing, not to mention take us to sexual heights we never even thought possible.

We fantasize and yearn for this type of love because we often believe it is the missing piece of our life that will complete us.

The bad boy isn’t ordinary, that will just say yes to your every need and feel intimidated by you as a woman.

I thought like this until the good guy came into my life and showed me what true love means and as corny as it may sound, true love is not all about looks and how good his game may be.

True love changes you as a person and touches you so deeply you are in awe that you were capable of falling in love ever so deeply. 

And for a first love especially, it is a beautiful thing because a man that opens your heart initially should always be someone who genuinely cares about you and loves you sincerely for who you are through the good and the bad.

The good guy will sense that you aren’t okay and will tell you to call him immediately so you can just vent all of your worries and concerns to him right away.

He will remind you of your growth and progress in life and if there is a battle to be won, he will be with you in battle and won’t be afraid to fight with you until the end.

He’s honest with you and wants you to articulate your every need, wants and worries so you are both always on the same page.

He won’t stop reminding that you are beautiful and amazing and will pray with you and for you every second of every day.

He’s sincerely sweet, almost having a cute innocence about him, but his love for you is unquestionable and you feel like the luckiest woman in the world.

However, and most surprisingly, contrary to what you may have believed the nice guy isn’t a bore,  makes you laugh, is incredibly sexy, and can keep you on your toes.

Sex with him is incredible, more than amazing even because not only do you both have indescribable chemistry, but his main concern is always to make sure you are pleased.

This guy makes you feel like no other could even if they tried and when you are ever in doubt of this love you always listen to the way you feel and the way he looks at you like you are the most important thing to him.

He’s authentic and his flaws remind you that true love isn’t about perfection, but acceptance. 

He will go out of his way to make sure you are always okay and won’t stop until he is sure you are taken care of.

He will reason with you in every situation and remind you to always see the good.

You feel comfortable with him enough to share your darkest and deepest secrets without ever feeling judged because he always makes you feel safe.

The good guy will fight for your life when you are in the depths of darkness like it is his own and when you cry, the tears run from his eyes.

The good guy changed me and made me never regret the time I waited for love. 

So, give the good guy a shot, because you won’t regret it and sometimes, it is exactly who you have needed all along.