Why Fans Of ‘Real Housewives of Atlanta’ Might Want To Watch ‘Zombieland’ On Netflix


Generally my two biggest interests (Bravo TV shows and Horror) don’t mix except on Halloween when all the housewives make questionable choices for their Halloween costumes. However, while reading about the new batch of horror movies Netflix is adding for May, I discovered a relevant fun fact for all my fellow housewives fans. One of the main filming locations for the movie Zombieland (2009), which was added to Netflix this month, is none other than the home of Lee Najjar aka Big Poppa aka the former plus one and sugar daddy of Kim Zolciak Biermann.

Zombieland was filmed partially in Atlanta, GA. For the scenes that are supposed to take place in Bill Murray’s home, production found a 33,000 square foot home in the Tuxedo Park neighborhood of the city, 490 West Paces Ferry. The extremely lavish mansion is near the Georgia governor’s mansion, has an olympic sized pool, seven kitchens, a ballroom, a cigar room, a home theater, a wine cellar, and a recording studio in case you want to record your own version of Tardy for the Party.

The home is currently for sale for $10.9 million, but back in 2009 when filming was taking place, Lee Najjar was attempting to sell it for $25 million. Right after the 2008 housing crash. That’s also when Kim Zolciak and Lee Najjar were going strong. Kim didn’t meet her future husband Kroy Biermann until a charity event in May 2010, after which she broke up with Najjar.

Here’s a tour of the home CNN Money did in 2013:

Lee Najjar is a real estate developer who was married during his on-screen affair to another woman named Kim (this one is a brunette). The couple has a daughter, Katelin, and a son named Jeremy. If you search on YouTube you can find videos of the kid’s lavish birthday parties at the mansion.

Zombieland is about Jesse Eisenberg (“Columbus”) and Woody Harrelson (“Tallahassee”) as they try to survive the zombie apocalypse. The horror comedy follows them around killing zombies and meeting Eisenberg’s love interest, Emma Stone (“Wichita”) and her sister Abigail Breslin (“Little Rock”). When they reach their destination, Los Angeles, the crew breaks into Bill Murray’s home and is surprised to find Bill Murray is still alive and well:

It’s definitely time for a rewatch so I can pay attention to the home of the man who made Kim Zolciak into Kim Zolciak. My only complaint about this is that if I were going to get a camera crew into anyone’s home from Real Housewives of Atlanta, I wish it was Chateau Sheree. I need to see those joggers!