Why Girls Are Friggin’ Crazy


Guys make us crazy. Social media makes us crazy. Today’s society makes us completely and utterly insane.

If girls were given a dollar every time a guy told them “You’re crazy”, they’d all have a fucking Maserati sitting in their garage by now.

For whatever reason, the male species really likes to stick us with the dagger of a phrase “You’re crazy/psychotic/whacked” and any other flaming bag of douche word they can think of.

Is it because we always want to hang out? Is it because we want a relationship and they just want a fuck buddy? Is it because they opened our Snapchat but didn’t text back!? I mean, really, these are all plausible reasons why a girl is crazy.

But, you see, guys make us crazy. Social media makes us crazy. Today’s society makes us completely and utterly insane.

I’m not going to lie—some bitches ARE crazy, without the help of the male species. But take it from me, a girl who really isn’t crazy (really though)…guys do have the tendency of making you feel like you’re bat shit when in reality, it’s them.

They fuck up, you call them out, and instead of taking responsibility, they push their guilt onto you.

“Uhm, Jack. Why the fuck are you sending dick pics to Sally?”

“Uhm, okay Mary. Why the hell are you going through my phone? I can’t trust you and your crazy ass.”

“But…you’re right. I’m sorry.”

Well played, Jack. Well played. Now Mary is going to doubt herself and actually go crazy, while you send weenie pics to Sally. You have created a monster.

Because that’s what we’ve become. Monsters who are controlling, paranoid, and insecure. We begin to feel like we’re the problem. The guy does something we don’t like, yet somehow it becomes our fault.

Maybe we expect too much. Maybe I’m making a bigger deal than I should. Maybe it’s me who has the issues.

No, no, and no.

First of all—any guy who goes out of his way to make you feel crazy is probably not the guy for you. Any guy that cannot own up to their mistakes and instead pushes his issues onto you is not the right guy for you.

And any guy who makes you feel less than you deserve is a guy not worth your goddamn time.

I’m beginning to learn that we should never compromise our morals, beliefs, and expectations simply because someone does not see eye to eye with us.

Why? Because sticking around with someone who makes us feel like shit says a lot more about us than it does them.

If a guy makes you feel paranoid on a daily basis, why continue to put up with it?

If a guy makes you feel like your voice can’t be heard without judgment or a rude comment, why are you still wasting your breath?

Recognize when the relationship has become toxic. Understand that everything is not your fault. Realize that the person you’re supposed to be with will not make you feel absolutely and utterly insane. In fact, the person you should be with will keep your mind at ease.