Why ‘Giving Up’ Could Be The Key For Transformation


Sometimes we find ourselves struggling with too many things. We try to balance everything, although we already feel exhausted and angry. We start to pity ourselves without noticing that we missed the most important moment. The moment, which forces us to rethink what is most important to us: The moment of ‘giving up’ as a basis for letting go and transformation.

The lucky thing is, indeed, that we can choose what may control our lives. Of course there might be struggles, which we cannot avoid, but we are free to choose how we’ll encounter them.

A crisis is the best situation to determine our own priorities. When we say that we do not have time, we’re lying to ourselves. We do have as much time as anyone, only, we have to choose what is worth our time, especially during hard times in life.

Nobody says this will function without compromises so here is the deal: What we want might walk hand in hand with a huge compromise, either temporary or permanent (though we can almost always adjust our decisions). If we embrace the whole package, thus the compromise and the deal, we’ll get closer to our aim though. If we do not want to take the compromise, we’ll possibly end up noticing that something different is more important to us.

We can’t have it all and that is why ‘giving up’ what drags us down can relieve us without needing anything more. At times, where we have bad luck (sometimes it just happens, I know), we can be more thankful by reducing things or actions, which are exhausting. This is not the time to be greedy or jealous (even though pretty much everyone might get disappointed at some point in life and life is not fair).

This is the point to let go, transform and grow. It is the time, where some might get aware how important family and friends are. It might be a time, where we’ll miss something and get nostalgic. It might show us that we have chosen the wrong path or been inattentive to our own needs. It might show us that others have a hard time too. It might emphasize that ‘giving up’ is being honest to ourselves and the basis for change. ‘Giving up’ might give us enough strength to say sorry for how we behaved, when we tried to fix all and nothing at all. Maybe ‘giving up’ is a good way of discovering something, we’ll else never discover.

Maybe ‘giving up’ feels like a thrill, like a free fall. Only that by ‘giving up’ we’ll recover, rediscover our strengths and are able to open a parachute to connect to the earth with our soul.