Why Healing Your Inner Child Has Become More Important Than Ever


Everything we do in our adult lives is based on a subconscious pattern that was gorilla-glued into our being as a child. The way we behave in relationships, judge our self-worth, even set goals is affected by the stories our youth was told. As we age, we grow further and further away from that child in more ways than height or location. We begin to forget what made us throw our heads back in laughter, our favorite way to feel comforted, or simply our favorite candies. The more distance we put between our present day selves and our inner child, the more we disconnect from our truth, the space in between growing muddy with the stories of ego, society, greed, etc. Once we realize the power that our inner child holds, the grace and simple wisdom we offered the world at age six, we heal. We begin to operate as the truest versions of ourselves the way we did before the world told us who to be and how to act.

I believe in a world where our inner child is our greatest mentor. Where they sit at the table and help us lead with compassion and empathy. A world that is governed like a playground, ensuring every kid gets an equal opportunity to join the foursquare. Somewhere along the way, we lost the ability to take care of our communities with tenderness and understanding. We cemented racist ideology, sexist beliefs, and unethical practices, never once checking in with our inner child to see if they agreed with our new learned behaviors. Our innocent games of tag have become stained with blood and our sensitivity to find a neon bandage for those in need has been hardened by hiding behind a screen. Amidst all that 2020 has brought us, our inner child is holding their breath, waiting for you to remind them that you are committed to creating a reality that they feel safe in.

If you are feeling inspired to time travel, then try out these steps.

Sit down. Visualize the reflection of your inner child and take note of what you see. When I saw myself for the first time, the deep furrow of my inner child’s eyebrows and the way she clutched her teddy bear shocked me.

Lean in. Our inner child is wiser than we remembered. They have so much to tell you if you are willing to sit them on your lap and let them share. Ask them questions. How can I serve you? What makes you feel safe? How can I make you smile? How can I make us laugh again?

Take action. Your inner child has given you a blueprint. Now you bridge their needs and dreams into your plane of reality. My inner child guided me to learn that we felt safest wrapped in a blanket, listening to indie music. She told me to read more and I realized I had forgotten that my favorite stress escape was reading sci-fi books until sunrise.

It is through these simple reflections of our youth that we will find peace in our surroundings. Where we will understand the importance of healing ourselves to in turn heal our environment. Your inner child is tugging on your sleeve—what are you promising them?