Why Holiday Romances Are Always Better Than Ones In “Real Life”


Have you ever gone away on vacation someplace and magically “fallen in love” with someone so quick it made your head spin? And then you end up wondering why this possibly couldn’t happen at home! The thing with holiday romances is that it all happens so fast and is so magical that it quite frankly, makes it hard to compete with when you go back to real life.

While in London this past week, I was having a discussion with my friend A about holiday romances and how oddly enough they are the hardest ones to get over. A Byron burger and a basket of chips later, we figured it out: When you’re away and you meet someone, you only get to experience the “honeymoon.” There’s not much time to argue or see the bad sides of people. We tend to make the most of it because we’ll be back home in the blink of an eye. It also dawned on us that perhaps knowing this may not be our reality gives a person some balls and an “I don’t give a fuck” attitude. Pair the DGAF attitude with a splash of spontaneity and there you go, you can magically go after something you normally wouldn’t. Boom. Instant romance.

I didn’t want to share this, but after my talk with A, I realized I owe it to you to share my story on this. Last summer was my first time in London. I had just gotten done filming ROADIES and headed over to the UK to see some friends and experience some culture. For the first half of the trip I stayed with a friend in Surrey, sightseeing, relaxing, and shopping. The second half however, is where the story gets juicy.

I decided I would spend a few days in central London with another friend and upon my arrival, I was desperate to get some wifi. So I went to the park across the flat in search of some. Realizing I probably am royally screwed with the wifi situation, I thought I might as well soak up some sun. Lucky for me, I sat next to the hottest guy in the green area. But unlike rowdy Americans, the Brits keep to themselves and I knew there was no way he was going to talk to me. Thanks to fate and a scary pigeon attack, he spoke to me. And we ended up speaking for quite a bit. I could tell he was shy, but he immediately made me feel comfortable and I knew I just had to see him again. He got my number, invited me for drinks the next night and the rest was kind of history.

The chemistry was crazy and I couldn’t even grasp how this was happening to me out of all people. Knowing I was leaving in a few days gave me the DGAF attitude – I did and said what I wanted without fear and if he didn’t like it, who cares because I would never have to see or speak to him again if I didn’t want to. Ideal situation. Now imagine if it was always like that. At the end of the trip, I had really come to like this guy, and truth be told, he came at a right time for me as I was getting over someone and needed to be reminded of my worth. We spoke constantly for a few weeks after but it soon died out knowing that unless one of us were in the other’s country, we would probably never see each other again so what was the point?

Today we remain friends.