Why I Stopped Conforming To Society (And How It’s Rejuvenated My Life)


I think when you can finally come to an honest point with yourself and take off your false and worn out façade, you begin hearing voices other than the ones that were constantly eating away at your mind. The conditioning of our minds over time have brought us to places darker than we’d ever think – and life is so much more than thinking within the confines of this world.

I found myself thinking in patterns that eventually led me to believe I wouldn’t ever be good enough. I would attach my beliefs to everything that the world was telling me to do: be smarter, be more beautiful, have better clothing and products. The list went on.

There’s a message being programmed into our minds today, and I finally decided to ride a different wave and flow a little differently.

What if there isn’t any need for those things?

What if we’re actually happier with less, more beautiful when we live out our own style and purpose? What if everything we’re being shown is only the direct result of conformity itself?

I don’t want to just conform; I need to live a life that proves I can live opposite of how the rest of the world is thinking.

For me, it’s a kind of boldness I want to position myself in daily. Whatever I hear, whatever I’m shown, I want to run it through a carefully placed filter in my mind. I don’t need what I think I need, just because someone wanted it first. I am already enough, right here, right now. It’s an important step to becoming mentally healthier – and there’s a unique form of satisfaction that comes tied to it.

It’s brave in the way we can show ourselves whole and enough as we are already; it’s finally dropping a load we never had to carry. It’s living freely. And I just want to show you how free you can be.