Why I Think Hitler Was Right And Women Should Be Sold As Property


Why in the world would you click on an article with a terrible title like that? There is no way any point being made on those topics should interest you whatsoever. Anyone who would write an argument supporting Hitler or suggesting females should be sold as property belongs in a desolate wasteland far away from any computers or human interaction. Yet we click on it every time. Why?

First of all let me say that I don’t agree with Hitler nor should women be sold as property. Just making sure that’s abundantly clear. The internet is a great way to highlight the voice of the lowest common denominator and let the most vile creatures spew hate onto our screens. There are garbage people all over the place yelling out their idiotic thoughts while a hoard or commenters attempt to correct them and let them know the error in their logic and thinking. But why do posts like this keep showing up? If it’s that offensive and that disgusting, shouldn’t they go away? It’s never going to happen and here’s why.

Recently there was an article that caused all sorts of outrage titled I Look Down on Young Women with Husbands and Kids and I’m Not Sorry. The author comes off like The Iron Sheik in the ‘80s working fans into a frenzy by trashing America and interfering in Hulk Hogan’s matches. It’s so over the top that it’s almost like a cartoon. At the bottom of the article there are over 11,000 comments of outraged readers informing her of her ignorance and the error in her logic. Many commenters wondered why an article like this even existed. If you’re wondering why, just scroll over to the number of shares the article has gotten. At the time of writing this, it has a whopping 229,000 Facebook shares. Why would you complain about the existence of an article that you just sent to 50 of your friends?

I decided that I wouldn’t let moms be looked down upon like this, so I wrote An Open Letter to Moms, which was just a positive, encouraging letter of appreciation to all the mothers out there. Logic would say that if people were so upset by the negative article, then surely they would be more willing to share and celebrate an article praising them, right? That article has 359 Facebook shares. Isn’t it weird that we are so willing to share something that angers us so deeply, and yet a tiny fraction of that angry mob would take time to share something celebrating them that isn’t controversial?

The reason insane posts like that exists is because you keep reading them. As long as there’s an audience, they’ll continue to exist. How many times have you seen moviegoers complaining about yet another Paranormal Activity movie? “Ugh these stupid movies again?? When are they going to stop making them??” Well considering the budget is usually around $5 million and the average worldwide box office is $180 million I would say no time soon. It’s the exact same concept.

But why do we insist on sharing articles like this if they make us so angry? It’s the same reason when we smell something that stinks we say, “This smells awful! Here, you smell.” Then your friend will smell it and say, “Oh god you’re right! That does smell horrible!” Maybe deep down we enjoy the outrage because it gives us something to feel passionate about. No matter what the case, if you want to get rid of outlandish, offensive pieces on the internet, take this advice from Lisa Simpson

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