Why I Will Date Men, Not Boys


I want a man. I’m so tired of dating boys.

A man knows what he wants, a man takes care of himself. A man knows where he is going in life, a man is not afraid of commitment, boys are. A man will actually take you out on a date without mentioning mid-way “oh we are just like hanging out”

A man won’t make lame excuses for not showing up on a date like , “Oh sorry my momma is not giving me permission.”

You don’t need to look for dark alleys that smell like piss and fire exits to make out with a man. You can conveniently go back to his place. You also wont have to make an undignified exit from the back door because his parents decided to come back early.

A man isn’t afraid to tell you how he feels about you. He isn’t afraid to tell you that he doesn’t believe in the idea of ‘forever’. He isn’t afraid to tell you that he really likes you as you are (cue: Colin Firth from Bridget Jones diary). A boy is never quite sure if he likes you or not and he is also hell bent on the idea that if he does like you, it has to be forever. A man should dress sharply. A boy can get away with vans and a hoodie. A man doesn’t want to flaunt his boxers even if they are Calvin Klein. A man isn’t afraid to cry. However he uses this privilege rarely. A man isn’t always available. You can’t go on a long drive at 4am with a man because he has to go to work. And that’s charming.

A man won’t message you on Facebook to tell you he loves you. A man would want to call you. A man would want to meet you.

He values actual human interaction not the Facebook-Instagram-Twitter kind which is devoid of touch, sound, ringing laughter, eyes that blink a little more than usual, hair that’s tossed behind the ear. He isn’t embarrassed to take you out in public because the guys on the football team will question him.

A man will make you feel like a woman.