Why I Won’t Protest Trump But Will Transcend Him


I did not come all the way to Earth to fight Trump, the devil or dictators. I came here to transcend the Trump inside of me, the devil within and the thoughts within me that are dictators at best! In fact, if thoughts were judged, I would be on death row, surely! And we all know that if each of us directed as much energy as we do toward Trump on ourselves, we would witness the most rapid of awakenings.

Yes. Expressing our angst can shed light on matters, but we have to make sure that we include ourselves. If our protest is directed only against an outer force, then we are in denial. Evidently, protests usually stem from noble intentions, but we seem to be getting nowhere. It almost seems as though we are forcing people to tolerate us instead of teaching one another how to find the love within us, a love that needs no coercion. This is why hate crimes keep increasing. When we suppress a person’s inclination towards bigotry, it will explode in time. We can never force another person to accept us or give us rights. Yes, many strides have been made because of protests. Women and minorities have now become active participants in the workforce, but those against any cause will find ways to attack eventually. This is why women are still not regarded as equal in many parts of the world and people of color and minorities are still attacked. What we need is internal healing. A fight for equality will continue to backfire, and there will always be a form of resistance. Because it is the law of nature. So perhaps, introspection can assist us in ascending the status quo. How about we stop protesting and ask ourselves: What is it inside each and every one of us that has created such divisiveness? What is it inside of us that judges another person based on skin color? What is it inside of us that has given birth to ideologies that separate human beings into categories?

Instead of teaching people divisive scripture, we could resurrect the scripture within us all, the inclusive scripture that is divine. Our global shift of consciousness is already in fast gear because of all the people around the globe who are looking within for answers, but we are delaying the process by constantly blaming governments, leaders or the rich for issues lurking within the recesses of our own minds. Evil exists because we are collectively misaligned with our divinity. And we have all heard of the tipping point. If enough of us are geared toward something – in this case ascension – it is bound to reach a critical mass and eventually become the new way of the world. And what took eons in the past will take the shortest time ever because of the internet.

Most importantly, it will take a lot of courage to leave behind the old ideological matrix, since our belief systems are so ingrained within us. But it is bound to happen, because we are all awakening. In the meantime, we can remind ourselves that we are not here to protest against an external force, but to protest the parts of us that see others as inferior. So perhaps a peaceful protest against ourselves is way overdue!