Why I’m A Dog Person


Some might argue that there are two distinct types of people in this world: dog people and cat people. Why is that we have categorized the human race into two animal-loving subsets? Could it be the way both animals are portrayed in cartoons or in commercials? Or is it just a matter of personality traits that one might align themselves to? Whatever it may be, to most you are either a dog or a cat person.

Let me be totally frank and proudly state that I am a full-on dog person. In most cases I like dogs more than humans. I have actually been bitten and sent to the ER by a dog, and I continue to love them with all my heart. While walking on the sidewalks, there is no dog that is not safe from getting a Shakespearean star-crossed lover’s glance from me. Just seeing their happy tails wag or shake puts me in a better mood.

But why?

It’s not that I don’t find cats to be cute. I mean, come on, kittens are downright adorable. But for some reason, I have been led to believe that cats are mean—maybe even evil. Take the twin Siamese cats from The Lady and the Tramp, those creatures were terrifying. The way they slithered around with their devilish glare and sharp triangular teeth, sent chills down my spine as a child. There was also Lucifer, the cat from Cinderella, whose given name alone is the same as the Devil in some religions. Dr. Evil’s pet was even a hairless cat. If you saw him holding a Bichon Frise would he look as evil? The answer is absolutely not! These characters are engraved in my childhood. I never saw a movie where a dog was a villain—maybe a bit naughty, but never intentionally mean.

Commercials also depict dogs and cats in very differently lights. Dogs are usually seen running around with their tongues out fawning over their owner’s every move, while cats are being served out of crystal bowls that some brides would kill to add to their wedding registry. It’s almost like the dogs are so grateful for the food, while the cat just expects to be fed. Even in adoption videos, dogs are featured more than cats. Maybe people are more likely to adopt a dog, but that doesn’t really seem fair.

This might be incredibly cruel, but if I saw a stray or lost dog on the street I would try and help it. I actually have picked up a dog and returned it to their owner. Whenever I see a cat on a street or alley (it’s usually an alley), I am immediately frightened and bolt in another direction. The cat could have a stack of cash balancing on its head and I would still never approach it.

To me, cats are coldhearted animals that don’t like to cuddle. The only reason they rub against your leg is to put their scent on you so that you are their property. Could they at least buy me dinner first? Also, you never hear of the term “Crazy Dog Lady.” That glorious title is specifically saved for the felines. The majority of dogs look to please their owner and provide companionship every day. They do menial tasks like sit down and roll over, all for a smile from their owner and the possibility of a treat. They are truly man’s best friends.

Maybe one day I will be lucky enough to meet a cat that changes my views. Or it will become more socially acceptable to walk a cat on a leash in public. However, until then, I know that I will forever be a dog person and a full believer that all dogs go to heaven.

PS: The cats can come to heaven, too. I’m not that mean.