Why Is Everybody So Flaky These Days?


Please tell me that I am not the only person this is happening to on a normal basis. I spend my time, running around and exerting my free time in order to make plans with those who are important to me; I send countless texts, emails, Facebook messages, in order just to see someone for lunch. I try to make plans; I really do.

And finally, after days of reaching out to other busy 20 somethings with hardly any time, I get a confirmation of plans on a Saturday night or Tuesday afternoon. I write it down, I make note, and make it a priority to see this specific person. But low and behold, I get a message over some other social media platform that they have to cancel. Can’t make it. Something came up. And my personal favorite reason that everyone uses: too busy.

I get it; things happen and people have no other alternative then to cancel. But this past week, it has happened to me four times. FOUR TIMES. The sad reality is that this is not a new concept. Ever since I began university, I have countlessly stumbled upon excessive flakes. Over the course of several years, this has started to really take its toll on me. Personally, it’s exhausting. What ever happened to making plans and actually following through with them? Does this two-way street of simple consideration not exist anymore?

It’s funny how society puts emphasis on all the technological means of communication we have access to anytime, anywhere. And even though people claim to use it to contact family and friends, they shy away from the most important and concrete means of communication: face to face. We would rather stare at a screen instead of have a tangible, emotional interaction with someone. We never make time to actually connect with people sans screens anymore. I’ve begun to notice that people, especially the younger generations, tend to cancel original plans because something ‘better’ comes along. It’s this need for instant gratification and self-importance. I’ve heard it said that while your 20s are your best years, they’re also your most selfish years. In some ways, I understand. But I did not know that meant mastering the art of cancellation.

If you have the capability to make plans, be gracious enough to keep them. If for some reason you must cancel, let the person know instead of retreating back into the darkness to avoid confrontation. At least have the decency to own up to it, and realize that the person waiting by the phone is a human being, just like you.

After all, it’s not world peace, it’s just lunch.