Why Is It So Difficult To Get An Abortion?


Even though it’s legal, access to abortion has been restricted. Lack of qualified doctors, few abortion clinic locations and heavy government restrictions on abortions, mean many women are unable to find proper and safe locations to have a legal abortion. This is incredibly concerning, if we maintain these difficult restrictions, women will have to seek out underground abortion clinics, which are unregulated, illegal and unsafe for a woman’s reproductive and general health.

Why aren’t we talking about this as a nation?

When looking up my state’s (Minnesota) regulations on abortion, the rules they have are centered around discouraging abortions. I fail to see the point in making a woman feel guilty for having an abortion. Would you tell a cancer patient the explicit details of her operation? Not unless he or she asked for it. With abortion patients, they have no choice. They have to listen to a counselor convince them that they are making the wrong choice.

I think this is horrible. This is cruel. Who are we, as people, to force people to feel guilty about their medical decision? What if they woman was raped, or is in an abusive relationship, or can’t afford to have a child? What if she’s just not ready to have a child?

People always throw adoption into the mix. “Well, why don’t women just give their children up for adoption? Then someone else can have their child”. The difficulty of going through a pregnancy (morning sickness, severe mood swings and other possible ailments) seems like a cruel punishment for a woman who knows she will have to give up her child in the end, whether she likes it or not.

Why don’t we discuss these things? The women, the people who are on earth and have family members and careers and emotions, always seem to be forgotten in the conversation. Let’s bring them back in – maybe opinions will change if we do.