Why It’s Harder To Write When We’re Happy


Maybe it’s harder to write when we’re happy because we aren’t at the peak of our emotions. We aren’t going through a breakup or we aren’t going through some family drama and because of this, we’re actually at the point of our lives where there isn’t anxiety or need to overthink. As a person, this is a really good thing. As a writer, not so much. Maybe this is why some of the best things we write come from the most painful and heartbreaking things we’ve endured. When we feel hurt, we tend pour out all those ugly emotions into paper until it actually hurts less.

When you feel like the world is against you;

When the person you were going to marry breaks up with you;

When your best friend breaks your trust;

When you have a screwed up family;

When you see your mom crying;

When life just isn’t going your way;

Your first instinct would be to release all those emotions. Emotions are a very powerful thing and when we get overwhelmed by our emotions, even people who don’t write become the most artistic, all because of a heavy heart. You write as fast as you can because you have all these colliding thoughts that are desperate to be formed into words and sentences and paragraphs. You desperate have this urge to get this sadness out of you and make someone else understand. Everything and nothing makes sense because as you write, you are reliving every painful and tragic emotion you are feeling in that moment. You are writing the tragedy of begging someone to stay even if they never chose you in the first place. You are writing to erase the pain of missing someone who used be your home and is now suddenly a stranger. You are writing to ease the anger in the realization that to some people, love isn’t a choice because if it was, you would have a complete family. You are writing both to remember and forget every emotion that is both destroying you and keeping you alive. You just keep writing.

But when you’re happy, your mind is suddenly blank because finally, your heart is filled with joy.

Maybe it’s so much harder to write because you just want to cherish this moment forever and live your life.

Maybe it’s because when you’re happy, your first instinct isn’t to pick up a pen and write to pour out all those emotions. When you’re happy, you would rather spend the day not remembering how sadness or heartbreak felt like. When you’re happy, you want to cherish living life in roses and rainbows and butterflies, as if life couldn’t get any better. When you’re happy, you want to spend it shopping with your best friend or spending the night with your significant other and watching a movie together. We don’t write when we’re happy because we’re at peace with our emotions; everything feels calm, everything feels safe and there isn’t anything ugly about it.