Why It’s Stupid To Act Dumb


I know I have felt the compulsion to act like a ditz before. As a young female, often the easiest way to get a guy’s attention is to act like you know nothing. However, this method is only a short-term solution. Yes, it works to get someone’s attention by giving him or her some boost of confidence by letting them enlighten you about equilateral triangles or the location of Venezuela. After you two sip on vodka-sodas and take a few lemon drop shots, what else do you have to talk about that is actually meaningful?

If a guy thinks you have nothing too important to say, he will most likely assume you have nothing too important going on in your mind either. This does not just apply to potential dates. People will respect you more if you can carry a conversation further than “What’s up?” or “OMG hey! Let’s hang out sometime!” If you can tell someone something interesting, you become worlds more interesting. I am not suggesting starting a casual conversation about the environmental effects of the massive snowstorm in the northeastern United States in the next five years or acting like you know exactly what is occurring in North Korea at the moment, but I am suggesting honesty. If you know what the capital city of Norway is, tell someone when he or she asks. If you know the final ingredient in a white Russian, do everyone a favor and speak up. If you know which Constitutional Amendment ended Prohibition, share the knowledge with a friend and give them a freebie in his or her Trivia Crack game.

Knowledge is power. It is much more invigorating to answer a question correctly than to put up a façade of ignorance. Do not be afraid to show off your intelligence. If the only thing you know you have in common with something is that you both watched Netflix today, I think you need to dig a bit deeper in the next conversation you share. Even knowledge of a person’s favorite food is more interesting than what you added to your play queue over the past week.