Why Letting Go Is The Best Thing You Can Possibly Do For Yourself


Letting go.

People seem to connect this act with most negative events. Does “the art of letting go” must always be about abandoning the bad and leaving behind what left you? Well I don’t think it should be and neither should you.

The art of letting go shouldn’t have to be about all the negatives. Sometimes, letting go of the past is the best thing you’ll ever do for yourself. Think of it as coming back home for a weekend after moving out and being out there on your own. You look at some of the smallest things you left behind and remember the huge importance they once held years ago. You might feel nostalgic, or you might even let out a small chuckle as you find yourself looking back at some of the greatest memories. But you close your old bedroom door anyway and walk away knowing you’re happy where you are now. You walk away from that chapter of your life that you haven’t opened in years. Or maybe you walk away because this was the second-time Ma called you down for dinner and Angry Ma (especially at the dinner table) surely isn’t one experience you miss!

The art of letting go is the simple act of truly embracing the past.

It is not only accepting and viewing your past demons through those eyes that are the windows to your soul. It’s so much more than that. It is about your past, her past, his past, their past and our past.

It is how you choose to let go that makes the act itself so beautiful, or tragic. Whether you choose to let go by engaging in healthy or drunken habits, letting go isn’t easy. Despite whichever path you choose to take it’s going to take effort from, yes, only you. People are nice to depend on. Truly, it is. But at the end of the day you must stay mentally and emotionally strong for yourself.

Letting go is sometimes being the bigger person and choosing to take the higher road. Letting go is rolling off all the jealous whispers and insecurities of others. Letting go is choosing to look at any situation, time, or place and know that maybe it’s time for you to move on to better opportunities. Sometimes letting go means outgrowing people and that is surely something not to be sorry about. Letting go can mean so many things, but only if you let it. It can be nothing but a positive thing, but only if you make it that way and make it count.

Letting go allows you to breathe out all that’s been weighing you down and make space for more self-improvement. Now you can sit there all day and imagine how it would finally feel to let go of the past, of him, or her, or of that. But why can’t that moment be now?

Friend, this very moment is yet another opportunity for you to better yourself. This very moment is your one step closer to reaching your full potential.

This is your path. You have all the power to make this moment your god damn contributing piece to your very own art of letting go.