Why Letting Someone Walk Away Can Be The Best Decision You Can Make


The heart is such a vulnerable organ. If we ignore this fact we are simply lying to ourselves. The moment we begin lying to ourselves is when we begin misleading our emotional state. In return, we are bound to do something worse, we are bound to mislead others. Before we know it, we have unintentionally hurt someone who once thought very highly of us, all because of the simple notion that we never fully acknowledged our true emotions. Once we hurt someone else in return, they’ll never think of us in the same light as they once did.

That is the impact of our actions.

Not acknowledging our emotions can be a vicious cycle. The way we treat one another emotionally, can ultimately determine how we he or she goes about living their lives after they’ve been emotionally shattered. Our actions have the power to alter a person’s life based upon their past experiences. Due to this one instance they may feel ashamed and hurt, they also may not acknowledge it due to the embarrassment. Then so, the heartless emotional cycle continues.

It begins when someone emotionally hurts us, we may lie to ourselves about it. Usually not intentionally, but because we believe we’re strong and unaffected by a person’s petty actions. We believe we can bounce back quickly after the circumstance and go back to our normal, happy, every day lives. We tell ourselves that it didn’t really matter, we would be fine with or without that circumstance arising, and we won’t let someone’s inferior actions affect us. What do not realize is that every life situation has the ability to affect us in some subtle way. Over time something within us has changed and it usually comes down to our perspective. Our perspective allows us to change emotionally which not only affects us personally, but it affects the lives of the people around us.

If we continue to live our life without emotions, we are bound to hurt others in the process by our lack of empathy. Of course we don’t intend to do so, but what it boils down to is that we don’t want to face our own emotions, or we are naive to it, and so we treat others with the same heartless behavior. Then, the vicious cycle continues.

Until we admit our emotions to ourselves do we realize and understand the vulnerability of our heart. Once we begin living our lives loving others and loving ourselves simultaneously, excluding the hurt and the shame, is when we can identify this vicious cycle.

Deciding who is deserving of our time, attention, and lives will become a little narrower. We no longer provide our love anyone. We are no longer the “nice” one, and that’s okay. We continue our life making decisions of who wish to be nice to and who we wish to share our lives with. We can now realize that once a person becomes a part of our life there comes a moment when we can’t image living every single day without them. That moment is when we give our hearts to them whether it’s through friendship or a romantic relationship, and that’s a vulnerable place. That is love.

Giving our heart is not a hobby it’s a choice. It’s a decision of who we wish to experience your life with. Realize who has stayed by us through the good and the bad, and who is willing to fight to keep us around. If we’re around someone who is wiling to instill an emotion of pain into our heart with no remorse as they walk away, we should not be letting this person into our lives. Let them walk away. If love sets us free, then it won’t confine us to emotional damage. It won’t continue the vicious cycle. Love will fight, and it will compromise. Love will grow old with us. The only time love will leave is if it’s taking us along for the ride.