Why Love Is The Only Mystery That Matters


Love could mean everything and love can mean absolutely nothing. Love has no right solid definition because love is defined differently by everyone and that’s what I find so beautiful about it.

You can think you’re in love, believe love is one thing and then have someone come into your life and completely change what you knew of love. It’s an intricate labyrinth and there is no book, no movie, no person who can tell you how to do love successfully.

Love is different to everyone, in the ways we search for it, in the way we treat it, what we think we know of it, but there is one thing that will always remain true about love. There is one thing that we all know for sure about it.

That one thing is that we all need to be loved, or love in return to be genuinely happy. Not specifically from a lover, but love from family or friends. We thrive off of love in such a subtle way that we barely ever notice. We need loved ones to appreciate us, we need loved ones to makes us laugh and to make us smile and we need loved ones to support us when life gets downright hard.

That’s why I find it so fascinating. Love is that one mystery in life that I need, that interests me. The love you had with your ex can be completely different than the love you and your current partner have and that’s the beauty of it.

Love can be the thing in life that makes you most happy just as much as love can make you feel the worst pain you’ve ever felt. It contradicts itself, but it’s completely true.

Love is rare and special and all-consuming. Love is a mystery I love to investigate.