Why Modern Women Owe It To Themselves To Stop Caring What Anyone Says About Their Sex Lives


Living your best life means living without fear. It means living with confidence. It means being authentically you. In partnership with the new XOXO condom by Trojan, we are bringing you the passionate words of strong women who want to encourage you to trust yourself and live your life to its fullest.

As twenty-something women, we have the immense privilege of being subjected to judgment for pretty much everything we decide to do. From our friends and family to strangers lurking around on our Instagram feeds, most of our choices are subjected to the scrutiny of others. Let’s just be honest; being a woman in 2017 is hard.

Thankfully, it’s getting slightly easier. Really, truly! We’re learning to embrace our bodies because they truly are all beautiful. We’re becoming more brazen with our words, because we’re becoming less afraid to speak up. We’re controlling our own narratives and it’s about time.

We’re caring less about being judged, because we’ve realized that it’s more important to be authentic than to be afraid of stepping on someone’s toes. We’re vocal, we’re strong. We’re really, truly owning our women-ness and every nook and cranny of what it means to be a female in today’s society.

The one thing, however, that still can be a bit taboo to poke at, touch on, or simply bring up in everyday conversation, is sex.

S-E-X. The big bad wolf. The territory otherwise left uncharted. The last frontier.

Except…here’s the thing about sex. (And honestly the rest of your “personal brand” that may or may not exist.)

Anyone who has opinions about your sex life is not worth your time.  

So what do you do when you run into jerks who feel like they have a right to put their nose, thoughts, and any other bits into your business?

You do not give them the time of day.  

While it may sound too simple to be true, it will make your life exponentially better if you learn to brush off what someone has to say re: your life, and just not give a fly.

Being a human being, especially a woman, is inherently complicated. And with being a human being comes all of the complications like insecurities, hang ups, and well, fear of disclosing your secrets. There’s nothing more vulnerable than talking or disclosing the (pun intended) intimate details of your sex life. It’s sensitive; it’s personal. Talking about and disclosing the details surrounding one of the most private parts (again, pun intended) of our lives is obviously difficult.

Which is why you should not feel in any way obligated to give any of your precious time, energy, or thoughts to someone who feels they’re entitled to an opinion about the private, intimate or frankly even the seemingly innocuous details of your life. Whether it’s sex or just what you’ve chosen to wear that day—it’s none of their business.

So here’s the thing you owe it to yourself to realize about you about being a woman in 2017: it’s up to you to build the kind of life you want. For as tough as it can be to be a modern woman in the modern age, the bizarre silver lining to this weird, technological and nosey world we may live in is that you really can craft a life that fits you. If you want to broadcast every detail about yourself to the masses, go for it. If you want to keep things to yourself, that’s completely fine.

But the only person who gets to make that call is you.

And as far as those judgemental, nosey, people are concerned? You can tell them exactly where to go while you go on with your bad self.

So live it, learn it, love it, accept it.

Nobody gets to give an opinion about you, your sex life, or what kind of woman you choose to be unless you say so.

And honestly? There’s nothing more that needs to be said about the situation.

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