Why Self-Care Is Essential to Healing


Let me remind you that self-care is the one true thing that will help bring complete healing to your soul. You can try to cover up your pain by always staying busy so that you don’t have to sit in silence with your thoughts. Or by channeling all your energy into work because you’d rather deal with the stresses of that than your personal life. Or by pouring yourself another drink in hopes of numbing your emotions. Or by putting on a fake smile in front of people because you don’t want anyone to know the true pain that lies behind it.

But all of that is just a band aid, a temporary fix to deep-rooted issues that require an abundance of attention and love. So honor yourself and the place you’re in by immersing your entire being in self-love.

Write about what’s on your mind. Talk about your fears and dreams with friends. Spend time outside in the fresh air. Meditate. Pick up passions and hobbies you may have swept to the side. Nourish your body with healthy foods and physical activity. Say no to anyone or anything that doesn’t help you be your best self. Pray to God, the Universe, or some higher being. Repeat daily affirmations that remind you of your worth and beauty.

There are endless ways to love on and show respect to your heart. It doesn’t matter how you do it, but please just promise me that you will find what works for you and integrate that into your life. Slowly, you will begin to feel pieces of your pain fall away and pieces of your heart fall back together. You will find yourself filled with an authentic zest for life.

Because you see, that genuine passion and energy and joy and excitement is innate to who you are. It’s always been there. It’s never left you. It’s simply been covered up by the dirt of all your painful, difficult experiences. And it’s through the journey of giving endless care and compassion towards yourself and showering your soul with the love it’s always yearned for that you are able to wipe yourself clean and unveil the remarkable, resilient spirit that lies within every single one of us.