Why Sex Will Never Empower Women


As a young woman living with two skater dudes, I hear about a lot of “bitches.” The bitches that lick my roomies’ assholes. The bitches that wake me up at 4AM because they’re too fucked-up to come into the house quietly. The bitches that I am forced to awkwardly hang out with in the morning because the boys have not yet woken up and, because I’m a girl, these harlots automatically assume we have something in common. Although we might share superficial interests and hobbies, I can’t get past the ideological differences that separate myself from most women today.

Most women today are hussies, hoes—common streetwalkers. Tell me, when did this occur? Since when did Simone de Beauvoir advocate a society in which women would be “liberated” by their sagging and wide-open vaginas? Since when did sisters turn against sisters in exchange for the D?

Herein lies the ultimate irony—we will forever be subservient to men due to the nature of our physiological makeup. How I see it, we are always the ones getting fucked, not the other way around. We won’t ever get to be the penetrators. We will forever be the penetrated (unless you’re into strap-ons). It’s this simple distinction that gives men a sense of superiority and control.

Worse yet, most women still can’t grasp the simple economics of supply and demand.

I am friends with a lot of dudes. Mostly dudes, actually. I’m friends with all types of dudes: gamers, skaters, jocks, and musicians. They’re all pretty similar in the sense that regardless of political ideology, religious ideology, etc., most modern men will not turn down an easy fuck. It’s like hanging a sausage from a string in front of a dog. It’s an instinctual response to a basic biological desire, and I don’t blame them for their behavior. I blame women.

After all, for sex to be legal, it has to be consensual. The power of consent lies wholly in our hands. As my roomie says, women are the gatekeepers. We hold the keys to the castle/vagina. A man doesn’t get to decide when he’s goin’ in; that’s all us.

It’s also just more beneficial not to be a harlot. Let’s assume that the demand for sex has remained unchanged over the years, but that the supply of sex has markedly increased. The result is a good that has decreased in worth altogether.

However, if there is currently a surplus of sex, how can one distinguish valuable sex from cheap sex? Let’s imagine that when every woman is born, they start off with a beautiful, glistening, pristine vagina. It looks like the Maldives. However, as time goes on, the more and more people you allow to visit your beaches, the more your water becomes polluted. Contractors start erecting waterfront resorts. Empty PBR cans pepper your shores.

Or you can choose to make your vagina exclusive. Only the cream of the crop gets to visit your island, and by only permitting the few, your shores remain pristine—a natural treasure. The sheer exclusivity of your product is causing a spike in demand. Everyone would choose the beach that has better reefs and fewer people, but few would prefer the one with beached whale.

From experience, I can say that most men would agree with what I’m saying. When girls are over-eager or DTF at any minute of any given day, my dude friends lose interest. If the goods that women are offering are so easily attainable, it just isn’t that valuable anymore. Plus, if one of my dude friends really likes a girl, he usually doesn’t have sex with her immediately out of fear of fucking up his chances. No dude wants the girl he likes to think that he’s only into her for sex.

It isn’t in womankind’s best interest to pursue whoredom. The greatest weapon we wield is the power of particularity. I believe our greatest power against men is the power to say No.