Why Some Women Tease


I admit it, being a tease is fun. I don’t put out too much, or too little, I put out just enough to provoke a man’s attention without following through with any actions that will satisfy him. Is this cruel? Yeah, it is.

You can find me at the bar or in a club, drawing in a man with my gaze along with the movement of my hips. I’ll reel him in, making him feel like he’s the only man I want. Once he’s right in front of me, I’ll turn around and grind on him until I can feel that he’s hard. As soon as he starts to believe he’ll get lucky tonight, I’ll leave him.

I’m aware that this pisses him off, which just just adds to my enjoyment. I find it incredibly attractive when men are angry. It’s sort of a dominance thing, knowing that I have the power to evoke such a strong emotion.

I have yet to meet a man who doesn’t fall for my same old tricks. The thing is, a part of me wants to find someone who’s able to handle me and put me in my place. Until then, I’ll just continue getting a kick out of doing this.