Why ‘Someday’ Is Your Favorite Day Of The Week


We waste our entire lives waiting. Waiting for Friday, waiting for summer, waiting for an extra large iced coffee in the huge line at the local coffee shop. I read an article the other day that really struck a nerve with me. We spend 6 months of our lives waiting in line. But what are we waiting for?

Every December 31st, men and women alike pull out their memo pads, and write down this years resolution. Before I even ask what your resolution for this past year was, let me guess (Cmon, it’ll be fun)… You wanted to lose weight? No no, you wanted to quit smoking! Or maybe even you want to spend less time online, and more time with your family. All great choices. Don’t get me wrong; change is a good thing! But why did you need a designated annual date to finally do this? Why did you wait? If you want to better yourself as a human being, why not do it right away? I asked myself this question quite often… Until I realized the answer.

As a human race, we have become dependent on our favourite day of the week: “Someday”. We have hope. Hope that things will get better. What’s so terrible about that? Well, nothing… And everything. In the wise words of Taylor Swift, “Someday I’ll be living in a big ole’ city…” etc, etc, etc, yatta, yatta, yatta… Even Hollywood’s biggest and best had hope for a better tomorrow (& concidering her new home in New York City I would like to say she was right). It’s nice to have something to look forward to. When life is pretty dull and sometimes downright awful, it’s just nice to be able to disappear to a place where all is well. However, this line of thinking can also be quite dangerous.

Someday gives you a million excuses to not go out and do what you want to do so badly. It gives you this sense of false hope, that things will be handed to you if you just have hope, and life just isnt that easy.

If you have a bucket list, don’t just use it as a wall covering – cross things off. If you don’t have a bucket list, you really need one. Have dreams, and be bold about it. Nothing is too small. You are literally sitting on a rock that is floating in the middle of nowhere, and you’re still going to try and tell me that your dreams are impossible?

What you need to do is realize that Someday, could be any day… Which means it could be today.