Why Spring Is Much Needed This Year


my dad’s side is from eastern europe; my mom’s side is from syria/ maybe that’s why i yearn for moderate temperatures; nothing too hot; nothing too cold/just keep me leveled with some vitamin d from the sun and a breeze that hits the spot just right.

december was fairly cruel at first; throat and sinuses falling apart, coming together, and falling apart again/anxiety about going to the doctor because i hate urgent care clinics and i hate when they take my blood pressure and tell me it’s high; i hate how it’s high before walking in the door because they make me nervous.

we take out one of those special sushi platters and eat in bed/the gilmore girls revival is glued to the television screen; luke and lorelai’s long-anticipated romance comes to fruition/it makes me cry even more.

winter’s holidays exude joy and leave emptiness in its wake/time to face the music in heavy coats and thrashing winds/time to confront any resentment or anger as the earth thaws and the snow falls/we’re trapped inside our loneliness till all the paths are clear.

i never cared for march; for its dreary and blistery skies/for the way it teases our hearts just when spring is nearby/when spring is technically here, but not here.

april comes, though, and may follows, just like it always does.