Why The Hardest Choice Is Always The Best Choice


In life, we tend to adapt to what is around us and grow comfortable – so comfortable that we never want to accept or initiate change. Yet we don’t realize that some of the hardest decisions we are ever going to make will be the best decisions of our lives. Whether it is a decision concerning family, love, relationships, jobs, where we live, anything – choosing the harder path is usually the right answer. Because doing something difficult, taking a huge risk with no guaranteed positive outcome, will always lead to something better.

We have to stop waiting for something good to happen and actually go ahead and make it happen. We have to stop settling for fine. We have to be proactive in making our lives better.

People allow themselves to get stuck in jobs just because it’s familiar and what they’re used to; it’s too big of a leap changing careers. I work with people who have been at the same company for over ten years, yet they hate their job and wish they made more money. When I ask them why they won’t just look for something else, their answers are always, “I’m just so comfortable here.” “I can’t imagine going through the whole process of applying again.” “I’m not going to bother – this is fine.” They don’t realize that by doing something scary and difficult and uncomfortable, their overall life will be better and they’ll be happier.  

This also happens in relationships. Even if it isn’t that great, even if you’ve grown apart over the years and argue endlessly and feel a growing resentment, the act of actually leaving feels impossible. You fear the unknown of the aftermath. I’ve seen too many people remain in relationships that don’t provide them with what they deserve because instead of seeking something better and more fulfilling, they settle. They convince themselves that they don’t need anything more. They think they won’t ever find someone again, that this person is the best they’re going to get. We become so comfortable where we are that we see no sense in taking that risk.

Why do we insist on lowering our standards, our expectations, just to settle for something or someone that isn’t good enough for us?

Why do we act like we’re content with our reality when in fact, deep down, we want more? Why do we compromise our value and our self-worth to allow for a mediocre life?

It’s one thing to find satisfaction in what you have, but it’s another to completely settle for something less than you deserve. We need to stop settling. For the wrong people, the wrong jobs, the wrong lives. We need to stop compromising ourselves. We need to stop lowering our expectations. We need to stop throwing our high standards out the window in order to accommodate what’s not right for us. We need to take that risk, that giant leap, and discover how rewarding it can be. We need to understand that the hardest decision we will make in life will turn out to the best decision in the long run. Because we’ll always find something better. We’ll find something worth leaving for. We just don’t know it yet. It might hurt and be uncomfortable and terrifying as all hell, but it will always be worth it in the end.