Why The Hopeless Romantic Girl Will Always Be Misunderstood


The hopeless romantic girl will always be misunderstood because people never really look beyond that label, for all they know she’s just a hopeless girl with no ambitions looking for her fairy tale but the truth is there’s so much more to her than that label and she’s searching for so much more than just a love story.

The hopeless romantic girl has big dreams and loves being independent, she loves to create an interesting life for herself so when the right person comes along, she can share the life she built by herself with him and tell him how she made it all happen and what inspired her. She wants to build a life to fall in love with. She is also a hopeless romantic when it comes to life, she wants to fall in love with everything about her life. 

She doesn’t fall for anyone. Maybe she falls faster or harder than others but she’s picky about who she gives her heart to. She doesn’t just take the first offer of love she finds and she doesn’t pick someone just because she’s lonely or because the time is right. She falls for the ones who really inspire her to be a more open person, a more vulnerable person, a softer person and someone who shows her a side of herself she hasn’t seen before.

She falls even if the timing is wrong and the odds are against her and the whole world is telling her not to. She falls even though she could get hurt. She falls even if she’s the only one falling because that’s who she is and that’s who she’ll always be. She doesn’t calculate things when it comes to her feelings and her heart will always lead the way. She will always follow what her heart desires because she’s not afraid to take that kind of risk. She’s not afraid to break the rules.

But just because she falls hard doesn’t mean she’s picturing her wedding day and picking out baby names. Just because she likes someone doesn’t mean she wants to marry him.

I think that’s where most people go wrong. They misjudge her. They think that because she’s a hopeless romantic, she’s going to want a ring as soon as possible but that’s not even remotely true. When she falls for someone, it means she wants to give her all and try her hardest to know and love this person. She wants to know if she can trust him, if she can be her dorky self around him. If he’s going to judge her for her honesty or shame her for her sensitivity. She wants to share her past with him and show him her scars and tell him her stories. She wants to know if someone is strong enough to stay when things get hard and be a real source of comfort and love.

She wants to know if that person will choose her over and over again or if he’s just taking advantage of her. And she wants to know that he’s in her life to love her or if he’s only looking for attention or trying to fill a void.

She’s a hopeless romantic at heart but she’s wise enough to know better, she’s patient enough to wait for the love she deserves and she’s strong enough to walk away from the people who don’t value everything she can give.

She’s a hopeless romantic but she can always make it on her own. So when she picks someone, it’s out of conviction and it’s genuine. The only difference between her and the other girls is that she doesn’t play games in a world that thrives on these games and she chooses to be herself even when everyone tells her it won’t get her anywhere with men.

The only difference between her and other girls is that she chooses to fight for the kind of love that accepts her for who she is and the kind of love that lasts. She’s a hopeless romantic but there’s nothing hopeless about her, she’s full of hope. She’s an old soul who will not settle for anything less than a happy ending.