Why The Manosphere Has To Teach Love


Manosphere blogs focus on topics that are related to masculinity and self-improvement for men. These blogs have the potential to help millions and millions of men to improve their lives. Unfortunately, the majority of them are filled with so much hate, anger and resentment, that it is hard to filter out the valuable information that indeed has the power to initiate a process of self-reflection and personal growth.

A lot of those blogs focus on dating related topics and the interaction between men and women. Teaching men how to seduce women is a noble goal but teaching men to hate women they won’t help them seduce them.

The missing piece that in these countless articles is love. No, I don’t mean the idealized concept of love that includes marriage, the promise to stay together forever and to never touch another person again. This concept of love is nothing but an obsolete dream that is based on insecurity and claim of ownerships. The form of love that I mean has nothing to do with that, it’s a general attitude and a way of living life.

The manosphere should teach men to love women — they should convey the idea that it is beneficial to develop positive feelings towards women and that women are lovable and deserve love, in the same way as men deserve love. Unfortunately, the idea of love is often suppressed by the concept of resentment, misunderstanding and ignorance.

The Confusion of Alpha and Strong

Too many men in this community are convinced that love is nothing that an alpha male has to deal with. When it comes to the definition of an alpha male my point of view and the point of view of popular manosphere blogs are nearly identical. I also regard an alpha male as a dominant and strong guy, who goes for what he wants. Women are attracted to dominant and strong guys but the false assumption that a lot of people in this community have, is that strong equals emotionless and physically strong. Just because you pretend to have no emotions and just because you pretend that you have never been in love with a woman, doesn’t mean that you are strong. Just because you can lift more weights than the guy next to you doesn’t mean that you are emotionally stronger than him. A man who is emotionally strong doesn’t see the need to deny or to suppress his emotions. An emotionally strong man allows his emotions and therefore he also allows the feeling of love for women.

Are Women Really the Enemy?

What is so bad about having feelings of affection and love for women? Well, if you believe some of the comments from people who are active in the manosphere you’ll realize that a lot of them regard women as the natural enemies of men. Of course you can’t allow love if you are convinced that the only way to seduce women is by going to war and by beating them on the battlefield. Wouldn’t it be a great Idea to finally realize that it is way easier to seduce women if you develop a feeling of love for them? Every emotionally healthy woman wants to date a man who loves women. I mean, if your goal in life as a man is to bang one emotionally unstable and insecure woman after another you can of course do that without ever developing a feeling of love for women. If you, however, decide to stay hateful against women, every gorgeous and amazing woman will turn away from you sooner or later. Do you want spend your time with a person who obviously hates you? No and women don’t want it either.

Is the Ability to Love Really a Weakness?

Is having the ability to love women really a weakness? Settling with a girl you don’t love, just because you are scared you will never find another woman if you leave her is weak. Spending time with one or more women who you truly love is a sign of strength. A man who is able to love women is also able to deal with emotions that come along with the feeling of love. Vulnerability and uncertainty are only examples of the emotional rollercoaster ride that you’ll experience once you allow this feeling to come into your life. A man who is confident and strong enough to deal with those emotions is not only able to effortlessly attract women into his life, he is also stronger than any guy who hides himself behind complaints and feelings of resentment, just to avoid dealing with his emotions.

Guys who are able to love are the real alpha men.