Why The Universe Is Pretty Awesome


For the obvious reasons but also the not so obvious ones too. How about the fact that our solar system takes 225 million years to make a full rotation around the Milky Way? Which pretty much means that the last time the Earth was in its current position, dinosaurs were around. We can only measure the Universe as far as we can see it. For the open-minded people amongst us this is irrelevant-seeing or not seeing something does not ultimately prove anything.

And from which stems my premise that the Universe as a whole has an influence on everything and everyone. From the very tiny things to dwarfing big ones, they were all meant to happen I reckon. A mere happenstance is never that for me. I will read into most things and try and gauge what I should be doing here, is there a lesson to be learnt? Do I have a role to play? Is the Universe telling me something? I think by paying attention not just to the colossal happenings but the imperceptible incidents, the minor details I’ve noticed certain patterns, specific themes that have led me to believe in who I am and what my purpose is.

This belief that the Universe has its part to play in the course of our lives emanates from my childhood. I’m both consciously religious and subconsciously spiritual (the fine lines between both I’ll possibly discuss in a later post) and that doubtlessly plays a part in how much faith I have in the Universe. I often wonder if I am just using the paradigm of the Universe when in actual fact I mean God. The teachings of Hinduism do echo this theory to some extent. It is quite possibly just the amalgamation of this, cultural influences of astrology and the repeated voices of my Mother telling me ‘everything is as it is meant to be’ My wonderful mother who has overcome horrific adversities in her life; if she can believe that everything has happened how it should than I that live a privileged life with many blessings can do so too.

We can intellectualise it. By always looking for the best in a situation we inevitably perceive it better than it may be. Always looking for a sign before embarking upon something; maybe we already know what we want either way and when seek particular clarification we find that through the anticipation. It’s easy to look at the good in life and accept it was supposed to happen that way.

When something traumatising happens, when devastation shreds your life to pieces it’s easy to retreat into the shadows, to let fear consume us into the depths of despair. This is when its challenging, these very instances it will feel absurd almost comical to try and believe that these events are transpiring in a way that they should. And that’s where the strength and courage lies I’ve found. That’s the goal right? To be the phoenix that emerges from the ashes?

Every knockback, every rejection, every seemingly missed opportunity; they all led me here to where I am today and that is something I cannot refute. The people who wronged me, the ones who walked away and turned their backs to the ones who were just downright nasty, even they have contributed to who I am today. Who I am and where I stand is exactly how and where it should be- I can feel it.

Its ignorant to not question the desolation and misery in the world? So poverty, war, rape, heinous crimes, are all these events that are supposed to happen? Where does the Universe play a part in the injustices that are all too common? Answers to which I’m still looking for.

I just know that I’ve come to realise that the minutiae of life all adds up in a way that you can’t plan for. In a way that my comprehension of it is still somewhat primitive but simultaneously discerning. No matter how I look it- whether it be through rose tinted glasses or with bleak despondence it cannot be argued that everything has come together. Everything always works out. Call it fate, call it destiny but I know the people that have I have come across in my life were meant to be there at that particular time. Look for the signs and listen to them. Believe in the Universe.