Why This Pakistani-American Thinks The Current Political Climate Is Good For The World


I am a Pakistani American, with a Muslim family, who grew up in the melting pot called South West Houston. I had mostly Black and Hispanic friends growing up, and almost all my best friends now are sons of and/or immigrants themselves.

I’ve read the Quran, I visit the Mosque (occasionally), and I have a beard. I believe in gay rights, feminism, and I want every human being to have the chance to escape poverty.

However, I also believe that Donald Trump and our current political climate is good for the world.

Wait, is a brown man really a fan of the orange enigma?

Nope, I just think that he is challenging our current political system, in a way that no one has done before.

Trump is igniting a fire in young people, and cultivating energy that has been dormant for too long. He is forcing people to form their opinions about policy, politics, and generally what direction they want the country and their lives to go.

Say what you want about the things that come out of his mouth, but in a way, it pressures you to think about important topics.

Do you stand with him on immigration?

Do you believe in climate change?

The positive outcome in the madness this administration has caused, is that our political system needed this jolt. People are beginning to realize that the status quo in the white house has been broken for a long time, and here is this man flipping everything on its head.

The next election is predicted to host the biggest collection of voters in history, and that is a direct result of Trump’s presidency. His polarizing views have made being a passive citizen almost impossible. He becomes the trending topic of the night, with a simple maneuver of his thumbs. You would literally have to drop off the grid, to not know what Trump is thinking or doing.

Being 27, and (relatively) still young, I am aware of the political awakening in my peers. Yes, the Facebook rants can become tiresome, and many tweets are only seeking to gain attention, but that still does not diminish the activity. There is nothing wrong with the countries young people beginning to understand their own power.

Some are reluctant to become involved because of the scrutiny in being “too political”. However, if being political means that you care about the people and policies that dictate our lives, then where is the harm?

We can’t just focus on all the entertainment we’re constantly surrounded with. Not while there are human beings in power, who are making decisions that affect everyone, potentially for years.

When you have your whole future ahead of you, it’s easy to become enamored with the freedom of existence. It’s simple to ignore the trouble in the news, and focus on living your best life. Being young and being active politically can be a challenge, because you feel that you don’t need to worry about this stuff until much later.

However, the choices being made in the white house, are the future. The climate being cultivated now can be a direct influence on the lives we live a decade from now. Trump is the catalyst to make sure we realize this sooner rather than later.

No, I don’t believe particularly the leader of the free world is a good president. However, I do believe he is good for America, and even the world. You can’t just ignore what he says, or how he behaves. You must choose whether that’s how you feel as well, and agreeing with Trump or disagreeing on certain issues, can really reveal the person you want to become.

So, let’s be a little grateful for the pussy grabbing, “shit hole”, provocative comments. Because in the end, he is forcing more citizens to be aware of the direction this country is heading, and stirring conviction in young people to realize that they are the ones who will ultimately decide.