Why Travelling Is The Best Cure For Your Relationship Dilemma


I think everyone will agree when I say we all are “hopeless romantic”. No matter how much you try to deny it, you still long for the touch and affection of that person you truly love and admire. We all want to love and be loved. But sometimes, the world doesn’t go according to what you wish and plan. Have you ever wanted to quit life because of a bad break up? Have you ever been sick of not having a significant other? Have you ever been tired of having countless fights with your lover? Have you ever thought of ending your relationship because of distance? Have you ever been to a secret relationship? Have you ever questioned you and your partner’s age gap? I suggest you rethink those questions and start finding answers and solutions. Negativity won’t do anything. Sometimes, you just have to go out of your comfort zone and explore the places around you. Go out on a vacation and explore the world! Here are points as to why travelling could be the best fix for your relationship crisis:

The First Heartbreak: Going through your first heartbreak is the hardest part about falling in love. It’s like one day God gave you the rest of the world and suddenly, without prior notice, the world was taken immediately. It’s like existing but not wanting to exist at all. You may have tried a lot of different ways in order to move on but there is one that totally works for many: TRAVEL. They say “Travelling can heal a broken heart!”, and with all the resources available online, it is not hard to book a trip to a place where you could relax and forget about your ex. Go to beaches, swim and snorkel. Climb the highest mountain in the world and once you reach the top, shout as loud as you can so you could release all your anger and sanities. Book a flight to the farthest country from your hometown. Heartbreaks aren’t easy to take so move away for some time in order for you to truly appreciate more of yourself.

For The #NRSB – No Relationship Since Birth: There is nothing more embarrassing than telling people you haven’t had any girlfriend/boyfriend since birth. Even though it shouldn’t really be much of a big deal, it is still one of the biggest dilemma being faced by a lot especially teenagers. But with travelling, life may just change for you. Did you know that most of the lasting and strongest relationships blossomed on the road? Yes, a lot of men and women meet their other half because of frequent travelling. Things won’t always come easy, but travellers have a lot of stories to tell. And if you indulge and engage yourself to them, you might just find the love of your life!

Frequent Fights: Fights are often healthy. It balances the relationship as relationships aren’t all about fun, romance and whatnot. But sometimes, things may get too low to the point that it makes your relationship worst and complicated. You need to have space in order to lessen the fights. By travelling, you get to process what’s right and what’s wrong with your relationship. And with that, you get to pick yourself up again and make amends and peace with your significant other. Consider travelling separately as it is only when you’re far from each other that you’ll be able to see each other’s worth.

Long Distance Relationships: This kind of relationship is not easy as there are a lot of things to be looked at. Not every relationship lasts and it is important to have guts and full trust when you enter a long-distance relationship. About 90% of the time, long-distance relationships end because of distance. If the both of you decides to travel, that’s where the idea of saving the relationship enters. Being in a long-distance relationship doesn’t mean relying only on video calls and text messages. You both have to go out and explore as you’ll get to know more about each other when you are together. You will be able to see the good and bad side of each other and it is okay because relationships are built like that. Long distance shouldn’t be a reason for the both of you to split.

Secret Relationships: Admit it, not everyone is allowed by their parents to be on relationships. Most teenagers are fond of keeping their love life secret as they do not want to meddle with their superiors. Secret relationships aren’t tolerated, but we totally understand why they have to be in private. One way to lessen the burden of having this kind of relationship is by travelling. Relationships grow when you travel, and it is best to visit different places with your lover. This can actually help your relationship level up. Try to invite your parents so that both parties will know more about each other. Teamwork is the key. Who knows? You may not have to keep your relationships secret anymore.

May-December Love Affair: Does age really matter? To some, yes. To some, no. It really depends upon the perspective of a person. Are you questioning yourself why you entered such relationship? You don’t have to. You deserve all the love in the world and you also deserve to know more about your partner. Age is just a number, they said. And it is true. If you want to get to know more about the love of your life, travel the whole world. There is something about travelling with your other half that would make you feel at peace and contented. By this, you will be able to forget about the age difference and you will start to see why you chose to be with that person. Love is universal and it is important to consider your true feelings more than anything else.

Travelling can really cure your relationship dilemma because it will make you realize a lot of things. And with those realizations, you will be able to get up from your troubles. Relationships aren’t flawless, but it is you who will be able to make it close to perfection if you know how to set the right rules. Be out there and explore the beauty of the world. Like what they always say, what’s better than finding love, is finding yourself!