Why We All Need To Start Being Accountable For Ourselves


I don’t believe in mistakes. I believe in choices, some of which are the wrong ones.

Everything happens for a reason, good or bad. When you make the wrong choice, you need to be accountable to yourself. Own it. Own it so you can learn, grow, and make changes if necessary.

It doesn’t make you any less amazing. It really doesn’t. Being accountable for yourself (your actions, your words, and your reactions) creates peace for yourself and for others. It builds trust, respect, and a humble heart.

We already know that no one is perfect, so let’s not pretend otherwise. We are all trying to love ourselves. It’s a continual journey. Yet, how can you love yourself if you aren’t aware of yourself?

If you aren’t self-aware, guess what? You can’t be accountable. You must be in a position to analyze.

If you don’t learn what you’re supposed to about yourself, your experiences, and your life as a whole, you will begin to notice certain patterns and cycles that keep happening. It will be a never-ending loop, some of which can be pretty horrible. (I can tell you that from experience.)

So be aware of yourself. Be accountable to yourself and allow yourself to be accountable to others when you’ve made poor choices. Really get to know yourself. Practice, because it does get easier.

Love yourself. Everything else, it starts from there.