Why We Give Up On Our Goals In Life


Humans. Creatures of habits. Dreadful habits which are hard to break. How determined are you when it comes to your goals in life? Everyone has needs, wants and dreams. We cannot survive without our needs. We cannot satisfy without our wants. We cannot live without our dreams. Our goals in life often are involved with money. Lots of money. Not our want, but our need to make daily matters get going while we figure out how to make our dreams come true and meanwhile trying to keep ourselves satisfied during the process.

Ask yourself; what get you going through the day? Is it your new purchased smartphone to keep your gadgets stock flashy and up to date? Is it having lunch outside three times per week with your friends? Is it buying the newest Jordans to complete your collection? Personally, I know lots of people’s wants can only be fulfilled with the help of money. Money to buy things, to eat out and such.

Thus, the saddest thing happens; we adjust our lifelong goals to our wants.

If our goals involve with financial insecurity – we become skeptical and afraid to unable to satisfy our wants. The outcome? You give up, again, even though you may not even have started yet. If those goals are not directly aligned with the fruits of money, we eliminate them. If one of your dreams don’t have anything to do with earning money – you ignore it until you actually have forgotten it.

Until your life revolves around your wants instead of what you dream to do, thus to be.

That’s why you give up for the 100th time. Not because you can’t do it, but because you can’t even think straight anymore of those dollar eyes in your sight. You don’t think in terms of self-development, only focusing on self-pleasure instead. Money is a necessity to survive and to help us reach our goals. It is a tool to help us, feed us and for some, entertainment. But the things which thrive us to be better every day – for yourself as well to others? Money may help you, but your state of mind guides you to set up actual goals to fulfill those dreams. So the next time you are wondering why you give up again for whatever you were planning to do? It’s because you revolve your life mostly on your wants which only can be filled with the help of money.

That’s why we give u on our goals.