Why We Must Appreciate The Little Things


People don’t speak of this much, they don’t ever tell you how important the little things are because they want you to be preoccupied thinking of everything else you have yet to look forward to. What they should tell you is how important the little things actually are, and why. The little things are historical; they are what you will look back on to see just how full of a life you lived. They will be the things that resemble life’s most delicate moments.

We must appreciate it all while we still can, every last thing.

Appreciate the warmth of your coffee, the sugar in your tea. Appreciate the way the wind sounds, the way your siblings smile. Appreciate the sound of the basketball outside and the laughter that follows it.

Appreciate your sheets and the bare moments they have been present for. Appreciate the taste on your tongue, the way your mouth looks when it witnesses bliss and how your soul longs for the moments it has once experienced. Heck, even appreciate the moments it has yet to and the moments it never has. Appreciate your messy room, your nocturnal pets; appreciate your mother nagging you about the dishes.

Admire the colors of the sky and the way your heart beats in the midst of your workouts. Be grateful for all things that refuse to represent all of the mundane things in life. Be thankful for love and for heartbreak. Be aware of how significant feeling everything truly is. Appreciate your worth, your heart, and your tears. Appreciate your neighbors, your dreams, and your passion for humanity. Appreciate the sunny days, the days spent in water with your best friends. Then, appreciate the rainy days, the days after your friends have left. Appreciate it all, while you can. Stay open, be open, live softly.

Appreciate every moment in which you live, because one day, your coffee will not be warm anymore, and you’re going to want to remember exactly how it tasted.