Why We Need To Stop Using The Term ‘Broke Bitch’


Some people were born out of a diamond-decorated uterus in a private and lavish hospital…while the rest of us were born in a public hospital out of a hardworking, lower-middle-class uterus. Some of us were born with a silver spoon in our mouths, some of us had to work to get the silver spoon, and millions of us are still struggling to even get a metal spoon. No matter what kind of spoon you have in your mouth or lack thereof, neither of those spoons define you as a person. Your character does.

In the most recent years, the term “Broke Bitch” has been used as an insult in popular television shows, among celebrities, and among laypeople who use it to insult those with less money than them. While I understand the frustration those who work hard for their money may have about thieves, haters, and freeloaders, I also think it’s an inconsiderate term for those of us who were dealt an unfortunate life path and couldn’t make it to the “top” as fast as some others could.

There are things such as mental illness that cause some of us to not be able to hold a job. There are also unfortunate circumstances such as having to raise children and look after families. There are millions of reasons why 45 million Americans are still beneath the poverty level. I think it’s very heartless to use this term when you don’t know their circumstances.

Celebrities who use this term are insulting to most of their fans and if it weren’t for the fans, they wouldn’t be who or where they are today. Sure, these celebrities have talent but we buy their albums, we go to their shows, and we support their clothing lines. We are their backbone. We are the money.

Furthermore, if you are an African-American or black, there’s no reason why you need to be using this term. Before slavery days were over, we weren’t allowed to learn to read, write, and much less make money. We weren’t allowed to learn, period. We were only expected to obey. We were either in the field picking cotton for “Massa” or in the house cleaning and/or being raped by the “Massa.” Today, we are able to make a good buck and some of our feel as though there’s no good reason for any of us to be broke. Perhaps this is where the shame around being black and broke comes from. However, some still complain about racism in the workforce, racism in communities, racism in law enforcement, and even racism in the entertainment industry.

So there are still many other factors aside from personal issues that may cause African-Americans/blacks to be have a low income. However, in today’s age, especially in our black community, the term Broke Bitch is used all of the time. Do you know how many brothers and sisters we have still struggling in the projects, on welfare, and how many single parents are still striving and breaking their backs to make a dime for their kids? Do you remember what old-school hip-hop used to sound like? Sure, they rapped about “getting to the dough,” but they also rapped about trying to find ways up out of the struggle. Our brothers and sisters are still out here selling drugs to make a living.

Don’t get me wrong—there’s nothing wrong with loving flashy things, nice cars, and shoes. It’s good to feel proud of your accomplishments, but why make others feel bad because they are not where you are in life? Is there a better way you can express your disdain for those “Broke Bitches” who use you for your money, steal from you, or hate on you?

I have never stolen a thing from anyone in my life, nor do I go to places I can’t afford. So I take offense when people use the term Broke Bitch, because they’re offending a wide range of people who don’t act thirsty. Some of us broke folks just keep to ourselves until we get enough cash to do what we wanted to do.

The term is just flat-out ignorant and needs to be retired. It insults 45 million Americans who are still living in poverty. Republicans get so much crap for being rich Americans who only care about rich white Americans. Why don’t we go ahead and set an example instead of being like those we claim to have so much disdain for, huh?

From a so-called “Broke Bitch’s” standpoint: There’s not much of a difference between those who use the term “Broke Bitch” as an insult and the Republicans who want to rip away affordable healthcare and show little concern for the poor.

I’m here to tell you that as a self-proclaimed and factual Broke Bitch—I am proud that you work so hard for your money. I admire you. You are an inspiration for me to go get mine. Believe that. You are blessed, but remember: Before you use the term “Broke Bitch” again, remember that the Lord giveth and Lord taketh away.

Have a nice day. Love, BrokaLena.