Why Women Need To Take The Realistic ‘Red Pill’ Approach To Dating


There are too many women who are miserable in their love lives. They are constantly complaining about assholes and losers. They are blubbering about being alone. They are wondering where all the good guys are. Why is this happening?

Women have been fooled. They have spent years being offered terrible advice from various sources, and they are mistakenly buying into all of it. Some of those sources of bad advice might have good intentions, but it’s guidance that is no longer working for women in today’s world. Now they are here, feeling lost, used, and taken for granted. The good news is that this can change. Women can wise up and alter their outcomes for the betterment of themselves and the ones they are involved with.

Several days ago, I was clicking around on twitter and found a link to this blog post by Kitten Holiday. I noticed that Kitten has written a few posts on red pill dating for women that align with my attitude about how women can tackle issues in the relationship arena.

What Is The Red Pill?

Backing up for a second, the term “red pill” is one that is mostly used online within the blogosphere. Some of you may already know what it is, but for those of you who don’t, it’s a term used in some parts of popular culture that is based on the concept from The Matrix. To take the red pill means to become awakened to the sometimes painful truth of reality. It’s opposite is the blue pill, which represents staying in a blissful ignorance about the world around them. Kitten further explains the difference in her post.

I do know that once you start to see things differently, everything changes. A dramatic shift of perspective affects everything in your life and you start to see everything you once held true begin to fall apart from this new angle. It’s like realizing that what you have seen of the world you have been living in is just a facade and behind that, not only are the rooms completely different but they are run by battling gangs of goblins and angels. –Kitten Holiday

I found myself intrigued as I recognized how much the red pill mindset ties into how women can embrace an enlightening of their own when in comes to their romantic relationships.

The red pill mentality is commonly known as being associated with a loosely tied group of men in the blogging world as a way to navigate their personal and sexual relationships with women, however the concept has been taken in by individuals elsewhere online as well. As someone who has been familiar with red pill blogs since around 2012, I would say that before women start adopting the concept for their own, it’s important for them to read and try to understand the way men have come into their red pill reality as well. They can expect this to be a challenge at times because they will come across harsh attitudes and opinions they won’t agree with. There are some red pill ideas within the manosphere that I have come to accept and then some that I don’t agree with, and that’s okay.

Why Women Need The Red Pill

The fact still remains that women could greatly benefit from their own red pill mindset. In actuality, women have so much power and they don’t even realize it, let alone know how to use it.

There’s no reason why women can’t have exactly what they want while maintaining happy and thriving relationships. First though, they need to wake up to certain truths and realities. They need to know their value and learn how to define their boundaries. They need to understand their mistakes and take responsibility for their actions. They need to reevaluate what they bring to the table, what qualities they want to look for in a man, and what it takes to make a relationship work. They need to stop the victim-hood and take back control over their lives.

One thing I do know for certain is that women are putting up with way too much bullshit. They also aren’t aware of their mistakes or willing to accept ways in which they might be contributing to their own problems. All they know is that they feel used, manipulated, and sometimes even abused, and they are allowing it to happen.

That’s why women need to take the red pill and make it work for them in their relationships. Once that happens, they can turn the tables in their favor. They would have the know-how to attract the right men and keep the wrong men out of their lives. They would learn to think for themselves instead of just buying into whatever they are told. They would be able to do their part in solving problems with men effectively. They would be happier, more confident, and maintain lasting relationships with the people in their lives. I can tell you that I have made this understanding work for me and I genuinely want others to have the same wisdom. This is the red pill mentality for women. Are you in?

“When sleeping women wake, mountains move.” – Chinese Proverb