Why Women Who Listen To Classic Rock Are Awesome


One musician I like is Led Zeppelin. Actually, I LOVE Led Zeppelin. They are easily one of my top ten favorite musicians. With that said, it has always been a struggle to find someone in my age group who loves this music. This challenge nearly doubles when I narrow it down to a female who has the same taste in music. Naturally, I have come to accept that connecting with people musically is a rarity and I have come to the conclusion that women who listen to classic rock are awesome.

It was during my early 20s I began to shift in musical taste. I began listening to less upcoming artists and reverting back to the music I had listened to when I was younger from older generations that were not my own. My appreciation for classic rock grew with age. The older I got, the less tolerable I became tightening my music selection. It especially became apparent as Led Zeppelin bombarded the majority of my Ipod, while my radio had no intent to move from the classic rock station.

Time and time again I heard Led Zeppelin being categorized as “guys music”. This irked me as I am a female, and I was really drawn to this music. I understood that a band of four male members would naturally gravitate toward a masculine sound, but this certainly didn’t stop me from listening to it.

Loud, aggressive, and hard-hitting music was expected, but did this make me less feminine for choosing to listen to it? Hell no.  A woman who can understand the complexity of rock and roll music is not less feminine but has the ability to understand the music on a higher level. A woman who can dissect each part of the music within a song (vocals, guitar, bass, percussion & drums), and then understands how each element is composed in order to intertwine and flow together uniquely is not a question of gender, but intellect. Therefore a woman who appreciates the masculine musical expression of an artist isn’t necessarily masculine herself, she is simply admiring the craft of the artist.

Assuming everyone has heard “Stairway To Heaven” at least once in their life, people who love that song are generally able to break down the music. Women who listen to Led Zeppelin don’t necessarily love all categories of rock, but we love how the music was created. Once we understand its composition we appreciate the music more. If we concentrate more on the music and less on the category of rock it falls under, we can pick up the melodies delivered from each instrument that inhibits emotional reactions just by listening to its sound.

A woman who appreciates classic rock is admiring the talent, sound, and art that is generally no longer produced in this generation of music. Classic Rock artists, unlike many 21st century musicians, couldn’t rely solely on a computer in order to compose their music. There were many other variables involved. Advances in studio equipment and technology has put a higher emphasis on beats, synchronization, and an electronic sound; loosing input on physical instruments for future generations. Computers are the tools that replaced instruments to produce music.

Classic rock deserves your undivided attention beginning to end. Albums that were produced during that era were to be listened to in their entirety. Now albums are single song purchases on I-tunes. A woman who chooses to listen to classic rock acknowledges that, therefore you should appreciate her taste in music for that reason.

Classic Rock is not “guys music” or your new retro trend. A woman who listens to Classic Rock to sport it as decorative wear (Hipsters, I’m talking to you). She doesn’t put it on for background noise. A woman to listens to Classic Rock appreciates actual music. A rarity in this age, but a rarity that is awesome.