Why You Can’t Give Up On Finding Love


Maybe you had your fair share of break-ups.

Break-ups that had you hurting inside more than you could ever imagine. Break-ups where you knew the last chapter was coming soon but you continue lingering just to hold onto its comfort. And break-ups that had you thinking why on earth you had to go through it in the first place when it’s just another production that’s going to end.

Maybe the relationship was a few weeks or more than eleven years going and you thought the idea of forever was near. That guy you met at the bookstore or the girl you had a connection with at the bar was the one, the forever you had in mind. And you dreamt of countless dreams for him or her to be yours and when they did become yours, you tried every possible way to move mountains for them.

But as time flies, you realized that love wasn’t enough. You keep asking for more likewise, you can’t give them enough.

You fought; you said horrible words to each other that you both didn’t mean at all. You continue on as if nothing went wrong but the hurt is already there, creating a void so deep you don’t even know how to fill it up once again.

And you know what’s next? You or your partner stops trying and the love you have for each other, though still there, is slowly deteriorating. And all of a sudden, things change and you try to get him or her back but this time your efforts are wasted and everything changes.

Then you go back to thinking that you’re forever alone while your friends have the loveliest days of their lives. And you compare yourself. You feel worthless. You regret. You sulk. You cry. You forget knowing how to stand up by yourself. And you cry again. And you sadly… just give up.

Give up on the thought of falling, of being in love — of having someone who will treat you as if you’re everything to them, and you go on dejected and miserable with your life.

But guess what? We weren’t given this life to suffer like this. We were wired to love another and to believe that everything is going to fall back into place. We’re given another person to share our whole life with! Just like how God gave Eve to Adam and how Ted Mosby will finally meet his future children’s mother! Patience is valuable. And you cannot let your patience wear thin. You can’t just let break-ups get the best of you. You can’t just give up on love. Everything stops when one stops trying in life. You have to face the fact that someone had broken your heart (and even your will) but you have stand up and stand proud! Face the truth that they’re not the one and you’re better off. There are billions of people in this world; the one has got to be somewhere.

And who knows? When you meet the one, he or she will make you a thousand times to the nth power happier than anyone you’ve ever had a relationship with and you’ll high-five yourself for doing such a wonderful job!

Just don’t.

Don’t give up on love.

I also haven’t found mine yet but I won’t stop believing that he’s also somewhere waiting and wishing for me. I might not know what tomorrow brings but I know one thing is sure, I choose to make a conscious effort not to give up on love, on finding love.

‘Cause someday, I promise you, we’ll find ours too.