Why You Need Less To Live More


I’ve grown up extremely privileged. Everything I have ever needed has simply been handed to me, from every doll I wanted as a child to every last dollar of university tuition fees. My family has been preparing to move in a few months and I recently came home to do some cleaning out and sorting of my room and possessions.

It was the typical throw out the junk you’ve been hoarding for no reason and donate those ugly clothes you’ll never look at again scenario. However, something was different this time. I found myself simply looking past things I would normally want to keep and throwing out about 85% of all I had.

I read a simple quote recently: “Remember, everything you buy and acquire now, you will one day have to put into a box and move.”

It’s difficult to see past simply wanting things, especially if you have the money for it. When they tell you to spend your money on experiences and not possessions, they’re not kidding. Living minimally is one of the greatest things you can do for yourself.

Imagine a life where you can simply place everything you own into one simple suitcase and just move. Go anywhere, whether to the top of a mountain or the middle of a forest. I’m not saying anyone should take it to such an extreme – there are things we will always need or want and eventually give into buying.

However, clearing out the majority of belongings you’ll simply never use again can cause much more clarity. I can see myself leaving easily, packing just a few boxes and going. And this all came so simply – all it took was an average room clean out.

If I were to put this into simpler terms: Less possessions/junk = less to worry about = a clearer mind. It’s that easy. Life’s experiences won’t sit around in your mind and rot the way possessions may sit around in your room and rot.

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