Why You Should Be Friends With a Stripper


With eight-inch stilettos, mesmorizing pole tricks, and dry humping skills that will astound, scantily clad exotic dancers get a bum rap. Whether it be jealousy or judgement or society’s opinion, most are lumped into categories like slut and addict, never to be seen in anything other than a g-string.

What a mistake.

You should be friends with a stripper because of what they can teach you. Yes they’ll teach you sex positions and hip movements and striptease tricks designed to captivate. Most importantly, they’ll teach you confidence. While the world looks down at them and men seem to think they’re using them, those burlesque beauties hold their head up high and their asses out. That’s no easy feat.

You should be friends with a stripper because of their social skills. They can talk to young old attractive hideous fat slim tall short and every man in-between. Make no mistake, it isn’t just their bodies that have regulars coming back for more. Their ability to enthrall a man in conversation, while other naked women roam the club, is something to be noted. Even if the end result is someone getting off.

You should be friends with a stripper because of their personality. Yes some can be rude and bitchy and downright repulsive. However, some of the sweetest most wonderfully understanding women in the world take their clothes off for money. Those women aren’t quick to judge or dismiss or neglect, but instead welcome all sorts of individuals from all walks of life. That’s never an easy trait to find in your fellow man.

You should be friends with a stripper because, why not? To disregard an individual based solely on their profession is pretentious at best. CEOs and respectable businessmen and successful contractors could learn a few lessons on morality when entering a strip club. While sweeping generalizations and age-old cliches sometimes hit the nail on the head, they aren’t completely accurate. Better to let each individual speak for themselves.

That’s what you would want when encountering someone for the first time, isn’t it?

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