Why You Should Downsize Your Life To Feel More Fulfilled


I have a pretty dope wardrobe.

I’m under the impression that most people feel that way but for me, this was a new realization. I’m always, “going to spend that next check on a wardrobe upgrade,” but happy hours and flight deals have a way of re-arranging your budget. At home with a full closet, you and bae can probably decide on a Netflix movie quicker than I can pick an outfit. Living abroad with limited wardrobe options, I’m styling in my sleep. Downsizing is the product of having to pack for a 9-month trip… but where do you even start that process?

Step 1: Pour a glass of wine.
Step 2: Open suitcase.
Step 3: Remind yourself that you need to catch up on This is Us and do that instead.

But once you decided to attack the anxiety of packing, downsizing becomes key. You pick the clothes that you know you’ll want to wear over the next few months and won’t mind repeating about as often as Madea movies on BET. You come across crop tops and t-shirts from college that need to go, and proceed to add them to the collection of Salvation Army clothes that will eventually make it there. You then find yourself with a suitcase full of your prioritized clothing and laugh at the clothes you own and have never worn. You maybe even hold on to some, swearing that you’ll find a reason to wear them soon. (It’s been a year, throw it out.)

OT Genasis was giving out gems last spring y’all, “You need to cut it.”

It took downsizing for me to realize that I really do love my wardrobe. This got me thinking: If I surround myself with things that no longer have value in my life, I’ll have trouble seeing and utilizing the things that do. I can’t move toward an upgraded wardrobe with useless crop tops from freshman year of college. Limiting my options and leaving behind all of the clothes that I don’t really care about – and the clothes I do care about but aren’t relevant to this season in my life – was great practice in realizing that I always do have something to wear and I love these options.

Downsize. Whether it’s clothes (notice how I didn’t say shoes- He ain’t done with me yet!), friends that don’t prioritize friendship, time spent around co-workers that make you cringe, the funny actin’ jawns on your springtime starting line-up (bae might be in there while you’re blocking your blessings ), the opinions of others or too many career or grad school options in your decision making processes. Downsize, even if it’s temporary. You’ll be surprised how much you appreciate what you decide to stick with once you do and how much those choices truly reflect who you are, what you love and what you need without the added clutter.

Downsizing side effects include, but are not limited to: a strong, drama-free circle, a more positive work environment, reciprocal and genuine relationships, less noise in your ear, and a decent career plan filled only with options that make your heart come alive, if not your pockets.
When your proverbial closet gets so full that you truly can’t see the value of your options, it’s time. Is it bringing you joy? Is it serving a purpose in your life? It’s all about quality over quantity and when you keep around the clutter, you’re watering down your quality and the quality of the things you actually do need in your life.

Downsize. That way when you’re ready for your upgrade, you know exactly what you’re building and what steps to take moving forward.