Why You Should Follow Everything That Makes You Curious


More people should take the time to do and learn about the things that make them curious. The world is filled with an infinite number of cool things, sacred objects, places to visit, and subjects to learn. There’s so much out there, and we can’t limit ourselves to only knowing what we know.

If you’re curious to learn everything there is to know about growing a garden even though you’re a busy entrepreneur, I think you should take the time to learn that. We get it, we need to work hard to reach our goals, but that’s not the only thing that matters!

You’re allowed to take in all you want and learn about random things that you’re interested in because life isn’t just about reaching your goals. It’s also about taking the time to learn as much as possible about what the world offers while you’re out there trying to reach your goals.

Don’t feel guilty for listening to a podcast about the Roman Empire or about Harry Potter on your commute to school or work rather than a self-help one. Read the fictional book about dragons rather than another business book if you’re interested in it.

I’m not saying don’t read or listen to things that could help you grow, or to not don’t work hard, but make space and time for the things you enjoy simply because you’re a curious person. Never feel guilty or like you’re wasting time.

People always say, “I’ll have fun when I’m in my 30’s.” Or “I work hard now so that later I can have all the free time I want.” If that’s what you believe and what you look forward too, then by all means, keep going towards that goal. If that’s what you like, keep doing you.

But if you only think like that because you feel like you have to but really a part of you also wants to have fun in your 20’s, do that! I’m not telling you that one is better than the other or more correct. What I’m saying is that you can choose, and if you choose the latter, then embrace it.

Stop giving yourself shit for writing fictional stories for two hours as a hobby. Stop giving yourself crap for drawing the entire day even though you’re not going to sell or share it.

You’re allowed to do things just for you, just because you like it, and just because you’re curious about it.

Follow everything that makes you curious. I know you might feel like you’re wasting time, but if you like it, it’s not a waste of time.

You don’t have to overthink everything you do. You don’t have to think about if it’s pushing you towards your goal or if you can make money off it. You can do it just because you can.

I’m going to end this on a challenge for you: Today, yes TODAY, pick one thing that you’ve always been curious about, and do something about it.

Whether you’ve always wondered about how violins are made, or wanted to learn the guitar, or if you love history, learn about it. If you like it, continue, if it bores you, do something else, but at least try it out. Don’t end up regretting never having taken the time to learn about something you liked.