Why You Should Move On


Leaving something in the past and entering a new chapter in life can be one of the scariest things to do. You’re leaving your comfort zone. You’re leaving the only way you know. You’re leaving your security blanket, if I may? You have no idea where life is about to take you, and all you can think about is everything that can go wrong vs. what can go right.

Thoughts of what was “once” float around your mind like a big, scary dick of what the hell went wrong. Why did you leave that job? You were so comfortable. Why did you break up with that guy or girl? You were so in love. Why, you ask? Because you wanted to.

Often, we dwell on the decisions we made and transform them into regrets when in reality: It’s what we wanted. You wanted to leave that job. You weren’t happy. You know you’re better. You know you deserve higher pay for all of that amazing work that you do.

You wanted to break up. You wanted to go out there and explore and live and do all of that crazy single person shit. You wanted it. You made your decision. And you got it.

Subconsciously, this is what you wanted. At one moment in time, this is what you wanted. And you need to stop faulting yourself for giving yourself exactly what you wanted. Its kind of contradictory, don’t you think?

You may not want it now, but thats the funny thing about life, my friend. Life is a big black-hole of “what if’s” and “how comes” – if you let it be. If you let yourself dwell and never allow yourself to move on. Because, guess-the-fuck what? Your job went and found a replacement. Your ex is living and breathing and doing all of that “I’m alive” shit. Life is moving, the world is spinning, everything is still happening. Nothing has changed except for your situation, and change is something that should be embraced.

The sun still rose this morning, the sun will still set tonight, and guess what? Thats a beautiful thing. The fact that you woke up this morning is a beautiful thing. Life itself is a beautiful thing, and you need to move on and live it.

Now go make shit happen. We’re rooting for you.