Why You Should Never Get The Word “MURDER” Tattooed On Your Neck



Jeffrey Wade Chapman is facing first-degree murder charges in the 2011 slaying of a man whose body was found in a ditch.

Mr. Chapman also has the word “MURDER” tattooed on his neck in a mirror image so that when he walks up behind you and you see him in the mirror—apparently he likes to attack people who are gazing at themselves in mirrors—it says “MURDER” on his neck and then you get really scared.

But now he’s seeking to have the tattoo removed before the trial. His attorneys say that a giant MURDER tattoo isn’t relevant to a murder suspect’s defense, and I kind of see where they have a point in that it could prejudice a jury.

It recalls the case of a rapper named C-Murder who wound up getting a life sentence for murder. Point being, if you’re going to go around murdering people, it’s ill-advised to have such a brash and aggressive name.

It’s the same reason you shouldn’t have your throat covered in the word “MURDER” if you seek to embark upon a lifestyle that actually involves murdering people. When it comes to getting away with murder, a bit of discretion and decorum are advised.