Why You Should Never, Under Any Circumstances, Give Up On Love


Love is not all warm blankets and deep kisses and romantic evenings. Love is also passion-fueled screaming matches and long, sleepless nights. Love has the ability to shatter someone into a million pieces, and it usually does.

Whether that breaking happens at your senior prom, in a cheap motel room, or on your wedding altar, it’s almost inevitable. That’s why we ask ourselves, “Why?”

Why do we continue searching for love and putting our whole beings into something that only breaks our hearts in the end?

That is not a question I can answer. In fact, I ask myself every single day why I’m still searching for a person to share my heart with. But, there are a few things that I do know.

Firstly, love does not only exist between a couple whose infatuation melts into something deeper. Love exists in the souls of those who have a passion for something, love exists in the hearts of those who constantly care for the needs of others, love exists in the laughter that is shared among friends, and love exists in the very earth that some cities were created on.

I also know that love heals all wounds — not to say that you should heal a heartbreak with a rebound, but maybe with some other form of love. For all of the ache and hurt that comes with romantic love, there is some other form of love just waiting to fill its place.

So, do not, under any circumstance, give up on love.

Don’t give up on any form of the feeling, despite the heartbreak, the struggles, the pain. Never give up, or you won’t live the life you’re supposed to be living.

In the end, the heart shattering experiences that love brought you will be worth it. If you continue to believe that love is out there, you will find a place somewhere on this planet that makes your heart swell with joy. You will find a passion that makes you feel as if you have a purpose so much bigger than yourself. You will find friends that lift you up on your lowest of days. You will find a love for yourself deeper than any ocean could lead you to believe was possible.

When the timing is just right, you will find the right person to share it all with.

By giving up on any one single image of what love is supposed to be, one might lose the perfect picture they imagined their future could be. But if all things are done with love, in search of love, because of love… Well maybe, just maybe, all of us could find our place and not feel so lost anymore.

And if not, at least the world will be a happier place, a place that believes in love again.