Why You Should Share Your Art (Even If It’s Complete Shit)


Sharing our thing is fucking terrifying, no matter how we do it or what our thing is.

I wrote for years behind closed doors, shared next to nothing, and always felt like there was something missing in my life. Six months ago, this feeling inside me grew and grew. I became pregnant with a giant creativity baby and refused to push her out to live and dance in the world.

But one day I dared myself to pick up a pen, and more importantly, dared myself to submit my work, and it was and is terrifying. But it also was and is the most satisfying pursuit that fills me with more purpose and joy every day.

I have a friend who is a hilarious comedian, who has spent years studying stand-up and working on jokes, and only recently decided to take the leap and actually get up on a stage. I know talented musicians who refuse to let the world hear their melodies. Incredible painters, movement teachers, and educators who keep it all between friends. Our art is a huge piece of our souls. Scarcity, fear of rejection and of being unlovable, lives in this space of keeping it all inside.

What if no one loves me because my art sucks and therefore I suck?

Think your art sucks? Everyone else thinks their art sucks, too. Think your art isn’t worth sharing? I can almost guarantee someone will relate as soon as you hit submit.

It’s the “me toos” that connect us. Connection is why we’re here. So keep sharing. Even if it gives you a vulnerability hangover for the next day or week. If it benefits you, let us see. The world desperately needs your light. We are starving for people nourished by doing what they love.

Keep sharing your soul food.

Does it feel like word vomit? Like you can’t even hold it in and have to get it out and oh my god you’re going to die if you keep this in you any longer? Share THAT shit. Even if it is shit.

Moving through our feelings of insecurity, unworthiness, and crippling anxiety by being brave and opening our mouths, hearts, and work to the world helps us grow. We can’t grow when we stay at home, keep our paintings in the closet, our music in our headphones, our curiosities in our own hearts.

Share if it heals you. Share if you love it. Share if it burns a fire in your soul until you get it out into the world. Let us all be humble witnesses to the heat of your spirit.

I don’t care what you do, just do it because the process of doing it leaves your cup overflowing with pure joy. And then let us have a sip. Let us witness you in your nitty gritty, never polished or pretty process. Let us bask in your masterpiece, your labour of love, your brainchild, your soul’s song.

We need more people with overflowing hearts.

More people being vulnerable in the world, loving themselves and their truth.

More people living their lives like they love themselves.

More “me toos.”

More sharing.

Sharing is self-love.

The time is now.

Let us witness your greatness.

Show us what you’ve got already.