Why You Should Thank The Guy Who Opened Up Your Heart Again


Dating seems so cruel, but it can also seem so effortless. Time and time again we are left with broken hearts trying to pick up the pieces. The pain stings, and it’s hard. It never gets easier but with every heartbreak we become stronger. Especially the one that is brought to us by the guy who opens up our hearts again.

After a dry spell with guys we stumble upon one that is decent and we become hooked. This is the genuinely nice guy. He shows interest in your likes, dislikes, and life. He makes an effort to talk to you and to see you. He is easy to fall for and when you do you fall hard. He is the breath of fresh air. Maybe the light at the end of the tunnel. He’s the feeling of hope that once felt non existent.

There is no denying that the chemistry is there – the feeling is mutual. You couldn’t be happier, but something is missing for him. You might not ever know what it was, and nothing you could’ve done differently would’ve made him stay. You had a good run, but as they say all good things must come to an end. And here we are once again, back at square one.

But this time it’s different.

You want to be mad and yell at him. You want to hate him and wish you never met him, but you can’t. Because you don’t. You can’t regret the past just because you didn’t end up right where you wanted to be.

Don’t regret meeting him, don’t regret letting him in, and don’t regret falling for him.

Opening your heart to someone isn’t easy. Every single person struggles with this because we don’t want to get hurt. We are human. We fear rejection, we fear getting blind sighted. Trust me, you will go through a lot of guys who aren’t worth your time or your heart.

But when you do find a guy that makes you feel special even if it’s not for forever hold onto him.

Enjoy those moments spent with him because you deserve it. Everything happens for a reason, and you don’t cross paths with people by chance.

This is no fairytale ending but maybe he was a prince charming in disguise. He let your guard down and made you feel alive. You felt appreciated because you were treated with respect. You felt happy because of the way he made you feel. He made you smile at corny jokes and reminded you not take life too seriously. He challenged you and made you want to be better.

So what you should really be saying to him is a big ‘Thank You.’

Thank him for coming into your life for this reason, for showing you that decent guys exist. Thank him for allowing you to open your heart up again.

He got to experience how amazing of a person you are. Now looking back he knows what he’s missing and that any guy would be lucky to have someone like you. Even though he wasn’t ‘the one’ he deserves some praise.

Yes, it sucks and will take time to heal, but treat this breakup differently. Don’t spend as much time dwelling on the past because he never meant to hurt you. Don’t blame yourself for doing anything wrong because you did everything right. In the time spent together you not only learned about him, but you found yourself. You reminded yourself how it feels to be swept off your feet: the eutrophic feeling that you started to lose faith in.

You found strength in yourself when it ended and realized that this is just the beginning to showing someone how beautiful you are. So thank him, for he changed you and made you believe.