Why You Should Travel With People You Don’t Know


There’s something invigorating about going to a place you’ve never visited before. A vacation could mean different things to different people — for some it could be about exploring the historical sites of a place, for others it could mean embarking on an exciting adventure; some perhaps just like vacations for relaxation. Then there are others, who travel seeking in the pursuit of finding answers to unanswered questions.

There’s a certain level of comfort that comes with knowing the people you’ll travel with. Friends, family, acquaintances. But if you’re raring to go, just go. When you’re there, meet people people you’ve never met before. Ones who are traveling alone, too. And then go somewhere else together.

This comes with its share of uncertainties. What if you’re not like-minded people? That could just end in a disastrous holidays experience. What if you don’t share similar interests? That will result in further altercations.

Despite the ambiguity that comes with taking this step — I’m telling you this — explore the unknown with the unknown.

What you’ll find more invigorating that the final destination is the journey to that place with a group of random strangers. It will begin with exchanging pleasantries, discussing your love for travel. The conversation will eventually transcend into how you can make the most of the trip together. And finally, it will boil down to how you can have the time of your life and take back some wonderful memories.

The best part about traveling with strangers is freedom from the burden of any obligation. You can be yourself, do what you like, and appreciate the individuality of the people around you. As you take morning walks with them and explore the new place, you’ll find that you all are united by a certain sense of vulnerability. Everyone has questions on their minds, questions they want answered. You find those answers in that vulnerability, and often in a group of people who don’t care about judging you. Because it is in this group of people that you see different viewpoints. It is in this group of strangers that you will see the world in just a few souls.

It’s the best way to understand the veritable blend of personalities this universe can offer. It teaches you how to reconcile your differences with people. It teaches you how to overcome little disagreements so that you have a memorable trip. More than anything else, it gives you a reason to want to live in the moment instead of running away from what you tried to escape in the first place.

This random group of people soon becomes your friends with shared interests. So you see, you don’t necessarily need to go to a place where you know everyone to know you will have fun. The answers to all the questions won’t matter, because you’ll realize you can fit into any place if you venture into the unknown every now and then.